Monday, August 07, 2006

Alicia & Michael:)

On Saturday I shot a great wedding for Alicia and Michael!
It was at a gorgeous green house in Joliet and everything was just so pretty!
I always enjoy going to weddings and meeting new people!! It's so much fun seeing so many different personalities and getting to know them! I love it!!!
Here is the **slideshow** from it! Enjoy! :)


Emily DeWan Photography blog said...

What a great slideshow! It really shows a wonderful day. Everyone must have been thrilled!

Anonymous said...

I just love you Sarah and your "raining men." Thanks for capturing my day so beautifully!

Thank you so much!-Alicia Stephens (aka Mrs. Timm)

Sarah Barlow said...

Thanks so much Emily!!! Yeah it was a great day!!

Aww!! Alicia!!! I'm so glad that you like them!! Congratulations again!! :)