Friday, August 04, 2006

Fashion engagement shoot!

I know I know! I've been in the fashion craze right now!! lol!
This shoot was so much fun and they actually weren't models but they were so good at their poses that we talked about hiring them! Haha!
Andrea and Tovey are getting married next week and we did their engagement session a little while ago. They are seriously so much fun! Andrea just moved here from Italy which is where Tovey and him met. We wanted to fly there for the shoot but...well we just wouldn't want to come back! LOL!!
Click **here** for the slideshow:)


Sarah Renée said...

Fashion engagement is right! They're clothes were quality--I loved her Salvatore Ferragamo shoes!! Ahh, fashion is so addicting it's dangerous...

Sarah Barlow said...

huh??? "no habla what your speaking"


Sarah Renée said...

Haha, no lo importa!! It's like you noticing the pictures and me noticing the shoes/clothes when we're walking around downtown!