Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Day 2!!!

Yeah!! So we made it through day 1 alive!! YAY!! hehe!!!
Yesterday was great!!! We went go-carting, shopping, and tons of other things I can't even remember!! lol!!
While we were out shopping we went into Fossil(awesome store BTW) and Andrew picked up these HILARIOUS hats!!! My sister Natalie decided to buy a couple in honor of one of our family members who couldn't be with us this week:(....
Then last night my dad and I went out for dinner at this incredible place called JB Hooks, it is this seafood restaurant on a cliff overlooking 14 miles of the lake! WOW! It was awesome!! And great just getting some time to talk to my dad..because he is high demand these days!!
Check out the **slideshow** from yesterday!! I love you all!!! :)


AMC said...

Looks like FUN!!!!!

Love the Hat!!!

mark said...

That is awesome!!!
makes me want to go go-carting.
very cool that they had a two seater so olivia could experience it.

That restaurant sounds very nice, and you're right your dad is in high demand, and that's because he's amazing at what he does.

Debbie Garon said...

where did u get those hats?!?! they r soooo funny! lol Well it looks like u had a good time!!! I*m in IL till mondayyyyyyyyyyyy! Then I*m off to good old Az for some fun in the sun!!! lol! Call me so we can get 2gether! I love you!!

Sarah Renée said...

That is a great picture of you guys! Hilarious!! :)

Sarah Barlow said...

Debbie!!! Yeah aren't the hats hilarious?? We got them from Fossil! Soooo can't wait to see you!!! :)