Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Creampuffs and yellow...err...redlights

The past two days were a blast!!!
My friend DJ came in town and we've started a tradition that he comes in every two weeks or so....It's so much fun and everytime he comes he's just another part of the family...we put him right to work on his chores! LOL!!
On Sunday night we ran to pick him up at the airport and then headed right over to help out with my sister Natalie's graduation party! It was so awesome because sooooooo many people showed up that we hadn't seen in a long time!! I LOVE my friends!!
Yesterday, we all slept in and then headed to bowling....let's just say that I won't quit my day job...or my night job for that!!!...lol!! DJ thinks he won the second game...but it was like seeing Jesus walk on water or something...and so since he's not Jesus..I think he hacked the game!!! LOL!!

Last night we had the PUG meeting that DJ was here for and it went GREAT!!! It was an awesome turnout too!! Afterwards we were all reallllly hungry and wanted to go to this little hole in the wall pizza place called Oven Grinders...Unfortunately it was 10:47 and they closed at 11...well we decided that we could make it anyways!! After about 15 blocks...and a couple ACCIDENTAL yellow-red lights(they need to make those yellow lights longer in Chicago!!) we made it there at 11:03!! AHH!! We had, DJ, the only one who could pull off a Mafia look run in to "Give them an offer they can't refuse" all that to say after some bribing, gunfire, and a couple dodged punches we got our pizza and Mediterranean bread! ;) LOL!! The only way they would let us get food is if we got take out..so that's what we did! We stopped by Walgreens and picked up some silverware and then headed over to millennium Park!
It was sooooo hilarious cause we looked like homeless people eating at these benches at 11:45 at night!!! But hey!!! The food was incredible and now we have some AWESOME memories!!! haha!!!
Have a wonderful day everyone!! I love you all!!!
...All the guys in the pictures are DJ, Kevin, Jake, and my brother Andrew.


Kevin Von Qualen said...

Haha!! Those pics are hilarious!!

I love hanging with you guys! I'm sooo glad there were no tickets from those..ummm...yellowish-red lights :) Annnnd I'm quite pumped we didn't get towed!! ;)

amynave said...

You guys are hilarious:)

SOunds like you all had an amazing time:) See ya soon!!!!

J@KE said...

Let's do that again! I'm totally pumped we didn't get towed!!!


Andrew Barlow said...

haha yeah dude, that tow truck was backing right up to your car!!! haha and you were like uh.... I dont think so... haha

Natalie said...

YEAH!!! that was sooo fun! we have to make it a tradition!

OpenSourcePhoto said...

OH! Way to much fun!!! I can't wait to come back next month! I can't believe how long I'm gonna be away!

J@KE said...

DJ you are gonna be gone WAY too long. Now I won't have a reason to stay up till all hours of the morning just hangin' with the peoples. You gotta come back soon.

"A" I have to say I was more like "oh no you didn't try to tow my jet". lol. I will say that I would've cried if it got towed. :_(

Like I said "always an adventure". We're totally doing that (or something like it) again next time.


Andrew Barlow said...

yeah we should just plan to show up at a resturant 3 minutes after it closes, and have someone run in and try to bribe the manager to let us eat... haha

OpenSourcePhoto said...

I'm just glad I'm alive after that night...the only thing scarier than flying in planes is riding in the car with Sarah!

Sarah Barlow said...

No cops no stops. Hehe!!