Thursday, August 24, 2006

Last day:(

So I'm sitting in my car at 11 at night on my laptop because this is the only place I can get wifi...which is SUCH a good thing because this whole week I've had a very computerless week! It's great!! Tomorrow we are heading back home bright and early! We had to take two cars down here because our family just doesn't fit in one car anymore!! lol!!
Anyways! We have had such an incredible and relaxing vacation! It's been awesome!! I just sat on the dock for hours this morning just reading and thinking! Wow! I never get to do that and I need to do it so much more! (BTW...side note..I am reading this incredible book called "Captivating" EVERYONE should check it out!!! It's so amazing! I'm just in the second chapter and am already blown away! It's basically talking about a woman's heart...but it's just as good for men to read it too to understand us better! lol!)
Tonight we went back to that crazy arcade place and played some more games...I totally rocked at skee ball...I had no idea I was this good!! HAHA!!
Unfortunately I don't have a slideshow from today because we just chilled the whole day...but here is yesterday's **slideshow** Yesterday we went to a place called Bridal Cave! Apparently they have had thousands of weddings IN THE CAVE!! How crazy is that! The even crazier part is that while we were looking through the albums of all the people who have gotten married we saw one of our uncle's!! WHOA!!! Small world!! :) Then last night we all sat around on the dock with our neighbors and sang songs! This is one of my all time favorite things to do because our family would ALWAYS do it at family reunions when I was younger! It's so much fun!!
Well that about wraps up our week! Hope you all enjoyed the slideshows!! :)
Love you all and see you soon!


Shyla said...

haha... you saw one of your uncles??? thats Great!!!

Captivating is a good book...There is something affrming about reading it because it makes you think girls arent as crazy as we think.........wait a sec... YES WE ARE!! But at keast we know we aren't alone! :)

Have you read Wild at Heart? Thats a great one too!


Anonymous said...

Hey Sarah its Jackie,
Its sounds like you guys are having a BLAST!!!!!
Can't wait to see you!! Love Ya!

Love Always,

J@KE said...

Cave weddings????? I wonder how that would look through the lens?

Caves are cool and all but they don't strike me as the spot I'd want to spend the second most important day of my life...... I mean they just don't do it for me but I guess if "the girl" is there, It doesn't matter...... So long as we're married at the end of the day. ;-)


PS. I wish I had a Eddie Bauer car seat when I was three. I don't even think the car seat was invented yet when I was three. That's nuts!

Debbie Garon said...