Saturday, May 02, 2009

Erin Melissa!

Last week I was soooo incredibly blessed to host my first internship of the year! This is seriously where my heart is, I have more fun doing this then anything else! It's incredible!
This first internship actually just had one intern, Erin Melissa, as last minute the other two had to change dates. Erin and I hit it off litterally the minute we met a couple weeks ago and we found out the reason why a couple days into the internship: because we are soooo crazy alike. Pretty much twins separated at birth or something!!We had an amazing time doing photoshoots, going to concerts, parties, watching movies, staying up crazy late and waking up crazy early. At the end we were TOTALLY out of it but it was so worth it for the people we met and experiences we had! Erin is only 18 but very mature for her age and has such an foot in the door already in photography that I'm sure she'll kick it wide open in the next couple years and blow everyone away! Her heart for serving others really came through when we went to feed the homeless and take pictures of them...quite the experience that I will NOT soon forget!!
We spent the 10 days working on branding, website, blog, prices, marketing, organization, and PHOTOGRAPHY of course! During the business and shooting days one of my new friends Kelli also joined us as she is getting her business up and running also! She is one of the sweetest people ever and I'm so blessed by her!
We did two full photo shoots of Erin and probably shot about 2000 pics... as she could definitely be a model, I just couldn't stop!! Ha! I'm excited though because she only lives half an hour away from me so it'll be more of an ongoing internship/friendship in the future!! Enough of the talk though...go check out **HER BLOG** and send her some major love! Erin's new SHOWIT Site will also be debuting in the next week or so hopefully!!!


kelli said...


You are AMAZING my friend. It was an honor to join you for a few days last week and I am still in awe of the powerful CALLING and PURPOSE the Lord has on your life. I seriously can't stop talking about YOU! I love the love you have for people....and what a great mentor you are. You have truly blessed me more than you will ever know.

I'm excited to see where you will be in the next few years. Im expecting great stuff!!

love you. xo

kelli said...

...oh and yes, Erin is such a model. For sure!

jamiedelaine said...

SARAH. look at you blogging all in proper time and such.


beth said...

Can someone please fast-forward the time to August!?? I can't wait to learn...and for the fabulous-ness that you share with everyone you meet!! :)