Thursday, May 21, 2009

Haroula Kouklakis ::: Senior

Two weeks ago while I was in Chicago I headed out to Indiana to shoot Haroula's senior pics! From our emails it sounded like the place that she wanted to shoot at was incredible! Well it was worth the drive when we arrived at this gorgeous huge park! She knew what she was talking about!
Haroula was SO much fun to shoot, I finally just had to tell myself to stop shooting cause I was getting SO many shots...almost as many as a wedding! ha! She had such amazing style and was up for anything even shooting on top of a trash heap! ha!
Here are her pics!
Also check out here ***SLIDESHOW HERE***


jill said...

these are awesome! she DOES have such fun style!

Cait said...

Awesome! LOVE that first scarf shot:: gorgeous.

Enoch Photography said...

I love the sun flare scarf shot... all of them rock though. What a great look she does have. //enoch

Tammy B Photography said...

I love that second to last photo. Perfect in every way.