Saturday, May 23, 2009

Victoria Bennett ::: Senior

Vickie and I have been planning this shoot for as long as I can remember! Which means we have been looking forward to this for forever and ever! Vickie was my intern last year as well as in my small group in the Young Womens ministry that I lead back home...and is soooo amazing! I'm so glad I have gotten to know her so well in the past year as she is one of a kind. She has some of the best style I've ever seen packed into one person. As well an awesome gift in photography. And the cherry on top is that she is one of the nicest people you'll ever meet! Her heart is huge! I'm really excited where she is headed in her life with getting her business up and running during her last year of highschool and now with graduating really being able to take off with it! I'm sure she'll go far! :) Vickie, I love you!!
Here are her gorgeous pics and a **SLIDESHOW** of all the favorites!


jamiedelaine said...

HOLY CRAP. That is rude of me to use, but I can't think of any other words. That's what I thought when I saw that first photo. GOSH. Sarah you're BRILL.

That's an abbrev for brilliant in case you missed the train.

Erin Melissa said...

I agree with the lovely Jamie Delaine, the first photo is incredible!! Amazing as always, Sarah!

kelli said...






Cait said...

Stunning:: girl and photos. Awesome capture of Vickie's fun personality.