Friday, May 29, 2009

Michelle & Josh ::: Engagement

Two weeks ago while I was in Chicago I shot Michelle and Josh's engagement pics! I hadn't been downtown Chicago in almost a year and I had missed it soooo much...I didn't even realize!! We met at Grant Park by the HUGE fountain and walked around finding crazy tunnels and beautiful piers to shoot at! I was sooo glad to get to know these two, which is why I swear so much by doing these engagement/get to know you shoots because having this time to hang out before the wedding is SO much fun!! I can't wait to shoot their wedding in August! Should be a blast! Check out their pics below or ***CLICK HERE*** for the slideshow!!

Definitely "favoritist" photo of the day...haha! With halos and all!


Enoch Photography said...

I love the Halo shot also... great session Sarah! //enoch

Kate Williams said...

love these

Johnny V. said...

very well done, i like the song enhances the montage wonderfully. Excellent !!