Thursday, May 14, 2009

Megan & Joe ::: Wedding

This past weekend I headed out to Chicago for Megan and Joe's GORGEOUS wedding! They held it at St. Michaels Church in Wheaton and Cantigny which is a war memorial museum and a giant mansion with incredible gardens! I could shoot there forever...and I pretty much will as I have another wedding there in two weeks! These two are in the wedding industry as well as film so they KNEW what they were going for! Which I love...and set aside a nice two hours for pictures! Sooo freeing!! I love it! Everything about this wedding turned out perfect...even down to our request for big billowy clouds and the sun peeking through now and then. Perfect.

***CLICK HERE*** For the slideshow!!

PS...CRAZY story...So I was on the plane heading to Chicago and I looked over to a guy on the phone across the aisle from me.. he looked strangely familiar and thought that he might be my second cousin, my mom's cousin...or however that goes. I couldn't really figure it out plus I didn't remember his name so I thought it was a hopeless cause. About halfway through the flight he leans over and says "Jamie!" I remembered that one of the brothers in the family that he is in has a wife named Jamie... Finally I was like is your last name Rechter?? He spells it out and was like yeah! I'm like I'm Sarah Barlow! You're my mom's cousin! I asked why they were headed to Chicago and they said for a wedding that was 30 miles west of Chicago...I'm like ME TOO! They pass over the invitation and to my CRAZY surprise it ended up to be the SAME wedding! I guess my 2nd cousin is the father of the brides boss! How crazy is that???...the fact that we ended up sitting right next to each other on the same flight headed to the same wedding. Weird. But it was fun to reconnect with my family! :)


dani marie said...

So good to see a wedding from you. You are always such an inspiration, and so talented!! You help encourage my creative juices ;)! Great job as ALWAYS!

kelli said...

Oh my. These photos are absolutely- ridiculously stunning!!!!! Wow. I can't get enough. Awesome job girl!

p.s CRAZY plane story too!


Feuza said...

Wow- freakyyyy- cool you recognized each other

Feuza said...

Forgot to say beautiful wedding and can not wait to do a wedding- lol