Friday, April 24, 2009

Fire is fun.

Well my first internship is in full swing and we are having SUCH an amazing time so far!! I'll post more about that on Sunday.
Anyways, last night we hung out with my cousins and some of my friends cause my cousins are moving back to Chicago today after spending the last 3 months here recording. Sad day...but last night we had a nice big goodbye blow out. Literally.
Blue coast burrito, bon fire, badminton, and bowling, but the best was when the guys almost blew each other up. I got to shoot this with Erin's, my intern, new Canon 5d Mark II. It is now the love of my life...I shot with one last week and my life is forever changed...check out the insanity here.


Samantha said...

LOL, That is so funny! :) and looks like so much fun :)

Can't wait to here about the intern :)

BlackRoseBend said...

Wow Sarah, this is just too funny!!!
Esp. with Johnny Cash in the background.
Sheesh that song get's stuck in my head!!
Just Jillian Tempestini, stopping to say hey!

In Christ,

kelli said...

so funny. i loved hearing your laugh in the background. you are sooo cute!

Sarah Elizabeth said...

that was really funny- the music was spot on!