Thursday, May 01, 2008

These are a few of my (most) favorite things....

"Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens
Bright copper kettles and warm woolen mittens
Brown paper packages tied up with strings
These are a few of my favorite things"

I totally realized that I haven't done one of these posts in awhile! I used to do them a lot more earlier on in my blog but forgot that I even did it! :) In the past couple weeks I have found things through friends and the internet that have become some of my favorite things!

1. First I will start with the one that is closet to my heart - My Family
I absolutely adore my family...just everything about them! They are what keep me going and one of the greatest inspirations to me! The family that I would like to highlight in this post are my beautiful cousins. One of my best memories of my entire life is the whole Barlow family gathering together for our big tradition.....a hootenanny.... whatever that means! As many of the 14 kids, 12 spouses, 2 grandparents, 36 grandchildren, and 7 great grandchildren as we could get together would all gather around with guitars in hand to sing the oldies - James Taylor, the Beatles, John Denver, etc. I could listen to it for forever! And now I can as my cousins gathered together in Nashville to record their new Christmas album and flew in some of my other cousins to reunite in their old harmony singing days! This will MOST DEFINITELY be sung by them at my wedding someday... whenever that will be:)

2. Second would be the music of my friend - Adlan Cruz
An INCREDIBLE pianist....I just found his music on itunes and I've been trying to find it for years and it's finally online! YAY! My absolute favorite song of his is called "Colors of Many Nations" check out his Myspace to hear it!! He came to our church several times to perform and is unreal in his amazing gift and the way that he directs the other musicians! So incredible!

3. Would be books....I used to be severely slow in reading books but lately have finished 3 in the past couple weeks which for me is pretty amazing! They all have a interesting theme too: LOVE. Completely unplanned though as they were all given to me to read! The first book is Redeeming Love, which is an alegory about the story in the bible on Hosea and his wife. It is actually a fiction which I definitely never read fiction, but everyone told me to read this so I did and in a day and a half I couldn't put it down! It's so beautiful! The second book was one I started reading years ago with my mom but just never actually finished and just met the author, Heather Paulsen, several months ago so I decided I had to read it! It's called Emotional Purity and it completely revolutionized the way I think about relationships! Everyone seriously needs to read this book! I wish I had read it earlier in life and applied it! But thankfully it's never to late! The third called Passion and Purity which was written by Elizabeth Elliot the wife of the missionary Jim Elliot who was killed by Indians years ago. The book is all about their love story and how Jim thought he might stay single his whole life... but told Elizabeth that if he ever got married it would be to her! 5 years later after much pain and waiting they got married!! Incredible story!
Check these out!! :)

4. The fourth would be my latest favorite: Kris Vallotton 
He is an associate pastor at Bethel Church out of Redding, California and has his own podcast that I've been listening to! OMG!! I can't stop listening to it! It's like listening to someone telling me my vision and purpose on every new message! Unreal! Check out his podcast!! And website!

5. Last but certainly not least is my new favorite thing to drink...I'm completely a water person...every place I go, "Water wth lemon" is the request... until I toured with my cousins a month ago and they turned me onto a runner up to water in the liquid Arnold Palmer. A lot of people don't know what I'm asking for when I ask for it but it's basically just lemonade and ice tea mixed together in one glass of heaven! I love it so much!! You MUST try it sometime!! Trader Joe's sells it now but it's just called ice tea and lemonade check it out! It will change your life!! :)
Along with all of the things listed above!! I think this might just be a book! LOL!
Girls in white dresses with blue satin sashes
Snowflakes that stay on my nose and eyelashes
Silver white winters that melt into springs
These are a few of my favorite things


Emma Jean said...

I LOVE your cousins!!! That is, BarlowGirl ;) But your other ones seem great, too!! haha!! So does Jody really live in LA? Cool! :)

Melodie Knight said...

wow! sarah, i've been stalking your blog for quite some months now but today you brought up my pastors and i had to comment. i'm a student at the supernatural ministry school here in redding. i'm excited to see people getting to connected to the wealth of love that comes out of my incredible church. please keep listening and posting your amazing work!

Sarah Barlow said...

Emma! Yeah, I pretty much LOVE my cousins too...all of them!! :) And YES Jody is in a sweet band in LA that's awesome too... called The automatic music explosion! :)

Melodie! Thank you so much for posting!
WOW!! So amazing that you go there! I've been so blessed by Kris! I've almost listened to all his messages! lol!
Looks like amazing things have been coming out of Bethel!! I'll have to come visit sometime! :)

Emma Harasick said...

My Dad LOVES Arnold Palmers too! It's pretty much ALL he orders! =)

And I'll have to check those books out, they sound great!

Anonymous said...

I LOVED Rediming Love by Frnacine Rivers...she has become one of my favorite should check her Mark by the Lion series (or Mark of a Lion or something like that hahaha can´t remember right now) They are awesome.......
*Ana Rebeca*

Katie Beverley said...

Loved reading this Sarah! I'd love to actually meet up sometime! I now HAVE to try and Arnold Palmer.

Karen Mikols said...

HA! My fiance ADORES the Arnie Palmer drink! He also has to explain it to people ... another random fact: in Atlanta last week, DJ ordered an Arnie Palmer, and not only did the waiter not know what it was, after the explination, DJ was told they didn't have it. Such a sad day...


Anonymous said...

I too have been checking out your blog for some months now. Your comments about Kris Vallotton caught my eye. I've loved his words for some time now. I actually was out in Redding in February at the Prophetic and Arts conference. there was an awesome piece of prophetic photography. I'm gonna start doing that. it sure is crazy that people who don't even know each other can be connected through photography and their walk with Lord. Blessings to you and your business, meghan stewart photography

Sarah Barlow said...

Ana Rebeca! Everyone has been telling me about the Lion ones...I'll totally have to check it out I guess:)

Katie! I would love to meet up too! Definitely try an Arnold Palmer!

Karen, yay! So other people have heard of it! haha! Everyone that I've told has no clue what it is!

Meghan! Thanks for the comment!
Wow!! That conference sounds incredible!! Prophetic photography? Never heard of it! What is it like??

Anonymous said...

Meghan here. So the prophetic art/photography is really incredible. It's basically getting an "idea" from God and putting it into art form. it seems to minister to people who have no idea that it's God inspired. Peoples lives have been changed dramatically through the arts. I have an idea for a photograph. i just have to get my models lined up. Blessings

Samantha F. said...

AARRRRGGGHHHH!!! CRAZY BARLOWS!! I love you too much!! >_<

Sarah, your family is too cute. Seriously. It's become painful. Hahaha!

Oh, and (since we're prophetic beings) I declare that Danielle, Abby, Jeremy, Samantha, and Sarah Barlow will be at the NEXT Prophetic and Arts Conference.

Lydia said...

That song was awesome! I love hanging out and singing like that with friends. How wonderful that you can do that with your cousins!

Anonymous said...

So I was searching around the web for other people who were into prophetic photography and I came across your blog. My wife and I just started a photography business ( in Redding (she is a intern at Bethel) and we were wanting to expand into more of a prophetic area of photography. Its amazing because their is actually not a ton at Bethel that is geared towards prophetic photography so I was wondering if you would happen to have any info on resources or things like that. your a rockstar.