Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Krista & Doug

Wow! Well, Cait and I got back from gorgeous St. Louis late Sunday and we definitely didn't want to leave! The wedding that we shot on Saturday was unreal! Definitely one of the most fun and beautiful weddings I've been to! It was the first time I had met Krista and Doug and I'm bummed I didn't get to meet them beforehand because they are too much fun and so incredibly in love! Krista definitely couldn't stop laughing and smiling the whole day! I love it! Their wedding was flawless, in a beautiful cathedral in downtown St. Louis that reminded me of a movie set! Afterwards they set a ton of time aside for pictures which is always a blast to have tons of creative time! We rode in style all around the city in a sweet stretch Hummer and stopped at several places including, Hardees! Yes....best place to take 16 hilarious people for wedding pictures I tell you! Afterwards we headed to the Chase Park Plaza for the reception on the top floor which overlooked the whole city! Apparently it has been rated one of the top places for a reception in the city! I most definitely agree.
We had so much fun with everyone that by the end of the night we felt like we were in the wedding too! I definitely had a very hard time narrowing the pictures down...but here is a "little" slideshow of Krista & Dougs incredible day...set to Over the Rainbow! One of their favorite songs:) Enjoy


Cait said...


How I miss our city. I mean, where else can you eat lunchables and ice cream while watching a movie?? NOWHERE! I can't wait to get a life... ;)

Yours obediently,


Heather Paulsen said...

Hey...I posted your interview!
Great pictures!

Emma Jean said...

Sounds like fun, Sarah.. you accidentally called Doug "DOUGH" one time in your blog though.. :)

Karen Mikols said...


Ok, let's get down to business, I saw your Shoot Sac cover on Cait's blog .... how much do you want for it???

Or can I borrow it for my Sept. 27 wedding? It will look AWESOME with my wedding dress! :-)

Carolyn Burke, Wedding Liaison said...

Hey Sarah,
Beautiful photographs!! What a pleasure to work with you. You definitely blend in with the beauty of the event.
Carolyn Burke
Wedding Ceremony Services

BethLaurren said...


As always - this is amazing. I am so freaking happy that wedding season is back!

And I'll see YOU in 10 days for mine :)

Sarah Barlow said...

Cait....you are a goober....aka....a chocolate dipped peanut.

Heather!! You're the best! Thanks for the interview!

Emma Jean! Oh!! Thanks for finding that! I was definitely homeschooled...lol!

Karen! haha!! Aww....does Jess not sell that one anymore? I guess I could sell it for a mere $500? LOL...Are you wearing it with your wedding dress? :)

Carolyn! It was so wonderful working with you on Saturday! You made the day flow so smoothly! Hope to work with you again in the future!

Beth! Ditto on being excited about the wedding season! And I can't wait for YOUR wedding either! The event of the year baby! :)

Karen Mikols said...

I don't envision wearing the Shoot Sac ALL day, but I can't imagine being w/o a camera at a wedding! :-)

Nope, it's sold out forever. :-(

Emily DeWan Photography said...

Love the Hardees images :) I love St Louis! I want to go back for another wedding.