Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Blogs are fun.

They are pretty much my life. I stalk 50 of them, I have 9 of them, and yet I still can't get enough! I think blogs are one of the best ways to get who YOU are out to people without just having a super refined business front! I love it! Plus it's fun! I pretty much live life through my "Oh THIS would be a perfect blog story!" with every new crazy(or uncrazy) situation! It's somewhat sad...but hey YOU read it! So I guess it's working! lol!!
Anyways...some new fun blog news is:

1. My current intern Cait just released her new blog last night!!! I'm SUPER excited for her and her new branding and blog that we've been working on! Getting the interns set up with a fancy new blog is one of my all time favorite things to do! Check her new SWEET blog **HERE**!!!

2....ALSO, I was interviewed a couple months ago for my friend Heather Paulsens blog, Emotional Purity, I posted about the book a couple weeks ago and how much I love it and am super honored to be interviewed for the blog! Check the interview out **HERE**! Warning it's long and personal! But I hope it helps some people:)
OK...I love you all!


Cait said...

Whoa! Who's that cute chick on your blog? I wish I was that cute. :)

Nice post though... I might have to read your interview sometime...


Brienne Michelle said...

9 blogs?!? Holy cow lady! You're so crazy.

Is it weird to miss someone you've never actually met in person? lol. If it is, then tell yourself I didn't say it. :-)

Ok, that's all. For now.... ;-)


Kevin Keith said...

YOU ROCK SARAH! Loved the interview. Your faith is awesome and your story is encouraging to many, including me:) Thanks for sharing!

Sarah Barlow said...

Cait..your next assignment is to read my interview;)

Brienne....yes...I need help for sure...or just to delete some blogs! ha!
I miss you too! So it's definitely not weird! We have to meet SOON! :) Any excuse to get me out to Cali is ok with me!

Kevin! Thank you so much! I'm glad you enjoyed the interview and that it was encouraging! God is awesome! :)

Emma Jean said...

Sarah! I'm with Brienne Michelle on the "missing you/never met you in person yet" thing!!
Now you HAVE to come to Cali!! lol!! :)
There's your excuse!! HA! :)