Monday, May 12, 2008


YAY! So my first intern of the year, Cait, is in! She came in yesterday morning and got totally thrown into our everyday life.... which is not super unusual for people coming and staying at our house! Cait is SO sweet! I love her already! We totally hit it off right when we met...which was yesterday:) She's in for the next two weeks, then I have a week off then two more interns, then 3 days off then 2 more interns, then 3 weeks off then 2 more interns...then 2 more interns after that!! FUN summer! We started today by just chilling and recovering from the week but tomorrow we are kicking it into high gear and starting it like bootcamp...any of my past interns know what I'm talking about...(ie: waking up at times in the morning that should be illegal, working out, 1000 push ups...2000 sit ups...25 mile run and jumping right in on training!) Pretty exciting times! We'll see if she can survive....I'm sure she will! :)

**exaggeration may have happened at some point in this post**


Emma Jean said...

Cait looks really sweet, Sarah! WOW! You have a TOUGH life! So much photography! :)

Oh, and be might catch photographilitis. It's HIGHLY contagious among photographers..affects the brain! no wait..the HEART. *shudder*

Let me know if you survive it.

Christi said...

Don't have too much fun with my bestfriend! ;)

kristen leigh photography said...


I want to be your intern again :(

BethLaurren said...

I love that you felt the need to point out the exageration part ;)

J@KE said...

Pretty much you are a kook, but that's why we love you.... we still need to do the Anne thing so when you can, let me know.... you might've been exaggerating in that post???? Yeah you are totally a kook.... LOL

BTW did your mom get the message I left on your answering machine?



Sarah Barlow said...

Emma Jean! HA! Photographilitis! Wow..that sounds serious! lol! You should make up names for diseases when you get older....LOL! :)

Christi! oops! Sorry!! Too late!;)

Kristen...once an intern always an intern;) I LOVE YOU!

Haha..oh Beth...but knowing my sometimes proneness to going overboard...I MAY have just done some of those things....unfortunately! LOL!

Jake what is a kook?

Morgan Matters said...

bring me back!!!!!! PLEASE!

lovehim said...

Thanks, the haircut is growing on me, literally. ha! It's still really weird though.
I can't believe that you are only 20. Not that you look old, cause you don't, but you have accomplished so much at such a young age. Makes me feel slow. ha!
Have a good one!

Cait said...

I am definitely hoping to survive this... we'll see. Sarah is a SLAVE driver. I am not supposed to tell this, but we interns are really here for slave labor and forced to eat three string cheeses a day. (I might die for commenting thus... love you all.)




hi Sarah i`m caits sister Mikayla! I just wanted to say god has bessed you so much and that I knew that you and cait were made for each other!