Thursday, May 22, 2008

Karen & Brian

These two were so incredibly cute together! One thing that really stuck out to me in their relationship is that they laugh and have fun together all the time! I love it! They are best friends and I know that will carry them in a lifetime together!!
Cait and I headed out to Naperville to do their shoot and definitely shot an obscene amount of pictures of the two of them plus their adorable little boy Jackson(I'll post that slideshow tomorrow). We had a blast! Check out the slideshow here!

I'm definitely swimming in thousands of pictures right now so tons of slideshows coming up which is exciting!!


Karen said...

Sarah, we love our pictures, you are so talented, we are so grateful that you are taking our wedding pictures!

Anonymous said...


You have good skills. Good pictures. Your camera must be very nice.

Sarah Barlow said...

Karen! Thank you so much! I SO can't wait to shoot your wedding!

Anonymous, thank you! camera is great:)