Monday, May 26, 2008

Nash to the Ville...

YAY!!! Ok...WHAT a weekend! A little recap, Indiana Jones with my cousins, wedding, engagement shoot, church, pack, last day with my intern Cait, run to the airport and fly to my favorite place...NASHVILLE! :) All that in about a day and a half! Yikes! Anyways...first things first...I LOVED my latest intern, Cait Elizabeth! She is SO much fun!! We laughed pretty much constantly and yet still managed to get things done and finish the internship! If you haven't already check out her new **BLOG**! :)
Next...My cousins and I and Cait went to see Indiana Jones...and I pretty much love every movie I see...but yeah...this one not so if you are thinking about seeing your money and go see Iron Man instead!! Now THAT is an amazing movie:) Unless of course you LOVE Shia LaBeouf...then that's a very good reason to see Indy;)
Last but definitely not least...I'm in Nashville!! Yay! I'm so super excited to be out here and totally realized that I haven't been to my second home since September! So sad! I got in last night for a super last minute photoshoot that I have tomorrow for a book author! So that should be a blast! And just in time since next week my next two interns come in! I seriously can't wait!!
Ok...Whew..that was a lot to cover...but I hope you all are having a REFRESHING Memorial Day! I sure am! Love you all!
PS...the slideshow is coming from the wedding soon!


Emma Jean said...

I saw your cousins yesterday!! It was great to see them!!! :)

Cait said...

*Oh tear* How I miss you already. I had a marvelous time, though. I am very excited for your next interns, and though I know they're not as cool as me, I'm sure you'll still have a little fun while they're with you.

Enjoy Nashville!

Samantha said...

I saw Indiana Jones too. I thought it was good. Very good because I LOVED Shia in it. I though he did a good job. Now I'm a big Indiana jones and Star Wars fan at heart. So I wasn't very dissapointed with the new Indiana Jones..

Wonderful Photo's!