Sunday, March 02, 2008

First wedding of the year!

Yesterday, Beth, my new friend Sally, and I shot a SUPER fun wedding for Ashieka and Garreth! There's was the last engagement shoot that I did and after shooting that I was hooked and completely couldn't wait for the wedding!! Ashieka was one of the most stunning brides...and the fact that she could work the camera along with all her bridesmaids made her doubly fun to work with! Garreth wasn't half bad himself! lol! The way that he treats Ashieka and cherishes her...he even wrote a song for her at the reception!! I love it!! It's weddings like this...that make me SO glad I'm in the industry that I'm in!!! Plus did THEY know how to party or what! OMG...I haven't seen better dancing in a long time! :)
Here is Ashieka and Garreth's fun slideshow!

I just woke up after only 3 hours of sleep to head out to Colorado, Kentucky, Indiana, Tennessee, and Michigan for some fun for the next 8 days! Yay!! I'll post more soon!!:)


J@KE said...

totally fun! I really like the one with them sitting on the bench or whatever with the cool maroon print behind them (#57).... Great job!


Sally said...

Beautiful. You are so talented. Thanks again...

Heather Paulsen said...

Neat pictures. Looks like she had a break-away bouquet? My friend who got married last weekend did that. I have pictures (nothing like these) on my personal blog:
It was neat to see the break-away bouquet. Seven girls went home with flowers!

Have fun these next 8 days!

joy. said...

SARAH! I can't believe that I just popped on to your site and saw what you wrote about Anne. I literally JUST finished writing an essay about Anne and what she's meant in my life! It got super sentimental and a little out-there - especially when I wrote about how I am convinced that I changed the color of my hair to red in a moment of deep connection with Anne :) Anyways, I think I'll post the first draft on my forgotten blog, so you can follow the link and read the rest. :)

GREAT wedding pics, by the way.


abigail smith said...

Wow, what a beautiful wedding and awesome couple! Love that song by Chris Rice too! I'd never heard it before but it was PERFECT for this slideshow.

Love you girl!

P.S. I know that you're having an amazing time traveling! But I hope that you have a great rest of the time while you're away from home for a little while.

Brian said...

Sarah! Great Photos! If I have any say in it I want you to do my wedding! lol Keep up the good work!

Stephen Stanley said...

Didn't think you could top the engagment pictures, but you did it again! Excellent work.


kristen leigh photography said...

oh fun!!! i miss you, though :(

But, YAY, for weddings again!

Couple Studios said...

I sooooo love these pictures!!!

Anonymous said...

I attended the wedding. It was great!!!!!! The best wedding that I have ever attended. Your photos are fantastic and they really captured some of the memorable moments for me.

Lydia said...

I can't even remember where I first found your site, but just wanted to let you know that you're an inspiration to me! Your work is wonderful!

Sarah Renée said...

Do I see Tennessee in that list??? :)

Girl, you best be callin' me soon! :-D

Regina said...

The pictures make it look better than the actual wedding did and I didn't think that could happen! Glad I was apart of this wonderful event!

Sarah Barlow said...

Thank you all SO much!! Ashieka and Garreth were just so much fun to shoot though too so they made my job super easy:)

Hey Heather! Yeah! She did have a break-away bouquet lady got two of them! hehe!

JOY!!! OMG!! I read your Anne story...and need to become an author!! I love you more than you know!

Brian! I can't wait to hopefully shoot your wedding!:)

I miss YOU Kristen! You NEED to come out soon....I'm going through major Kristen withdrawls!

Sarah!! I'm SOOO bummed!! We were supposed to come to Tennessee but the show was canceled because of CRAZY weather...something like 2 inches an hour!! was in Knoxville...unfortunately not Nashville!! ugh!
I love you!