Tuesday, March 11, 2008


...on the road! I love it and am highly addicted! Last week I flew into Denver from Chicago and after waiting 6 hours at O'Hare...in the plane, waiting on the runway, back to the gate, switching flights, re-booking everyone, and then changing planes..it was insane! But I made it even though I didn't think I would after awhile! Once I got to Denver there was a horrible storm in Vail which was where my next flight was so I had to wait in the airport for another 4 hours with my new friend David, the designer for the shoot we did. It was perfect because I was able to hold onto him when we were about to die when hitting an air pocket right over Vail! YIKES! But I made it to gorgeous Vail and did a day and a half shoot for my cousins which was probably one of the most fun shoots I've ever done! Everyone that I worked with was amazing! We then headed to Kansas City for a day off between the tour and I met up with my super fun friend Paul Rogers, then the whole family headed over to my dad's sisters house for some NEEDED chill time and hanging out with our cousins who I hadn't seen in forever! Apparently we look very similar...according to alot of people so we had to get a pic:) I LOVE my family so much!! It's so huge that I'm constantly meeting new people...like my new second cousins who are absolutely adorable!
We then headed to Kentucky, Indiana, our Tennessee show got snowed out so we headed up to Michigan for a day off before the show there!! The tour is amazing with 100 people traveling, 9 tour buses, and close to 15k people in attendance every night! It is unreal!! I definitely didn't want to leave! I'll post pics from the concert...but unfortunately I can't post any from the shoot for awhile...but it's worth the wait!!! YAY!!
I love you all!!
PS...here is a fun little video about how celebrity I am...LOL


Morgan Matters said...

Looks like you are having so much fun! We need to hang out, pronto. Me, you, Beth & Kristin!!

Brian said...

Great photos! And It sounds like you had quite the trip! lol

God Bless!


erica said...

david.....archuletta? Lol, sorry, when you said david that was the first guy that popped into me head :)
cant wait to see the shots!! Do you barlows ever do anything unamazing?;)

JCEvidence said...

So there is a fourth BarlowGirl! I knew somebody was missing. I told them, I told them! lol

Sally said...

So funny... love it.