Monday, March 31, 2008


YAY!! We just got back from the beach last night and boy did I not want to leave!! They practically had to drag me out kicking and screaming to make me leave! lol;) jk.... But it was one of the most incredible and relaxing times!
Besides the couple times that I broke the rules and practically gave my aunt a heart attack it was good!! Thank God that He kept me safe in my ignorance! Oh the ways of an American suburban white girl...
The first night I was running along the beach and caught the eye of this surfing instructor but I just ignored him...on my way back he ran up behind me and started talking...I was caught off guard but decided to be friendly...we talked for a little while and then I walked up to my cottage. I told my aunt when I got back about it and she was like "YOU DID WHAT??" Apparently you DO NOT talk to the men here especially when you are by yourself and you definitely don't let them see where you live because apparently even just eye contact gives THE wrong sign! YIKES!!
Then the next night, my cousin and I went out for a walk along the beach to watch the sunset and started running a little bit...after awhile the sun started going down pretty quick so we turned around and headed back...once we got back it was dark and we saw my aunt standing out on a ledge over the beach looking for us...apparently you DO NOT go out on the beach at night because there are the crazy men again but this time there is no one around to save you!! AHHH!! My uncle was out for awhile looking for us apparently too! Oops! I guess I've got my mom's adventurous spirit a little too much!! :) At least I survived!!

Ok..onto pictures...this is called a publico it the public transportation down here! I saw this on our way to the! :)

Syling while we were out shopping one day! Shopping here is INSANE!! They buy the old styles from last year in the US that were on clearance from like, Holister and Aeropostle, then bring it down here and sell it for crazy prices! lol! I really can't wait to shop back in the states!:)

Here is one of my favorite things do get down here!! Sweetened with REAL sugar cane too!! So fun!

The sky right above our Cottage....ahh!

A gorgeous Dominican sunset! The perfect thing about where we stayed is you can watch the sunrise AND sunset!

My cousin Nicole working the camera!

Ahh the sky!! One night while we were walking at sunset I almost cried at how overwhelmingly gorgeous it was!! God is quite amazing!! It was weird because it was similar to the feeling when I first walked into Times Square! I felt like I was overwhelmingly in love! ha!

Love the motion!!

The Nanny Estate....the place where we is wonderful because it's mostly all families and some people live there full time!! How wonderful!

Right before we left...windblown hair and all!

Night time over Nanny's!

My view from our drive back...

Some more bulls on the side of the road!!

The drive back was QUITE interesting!! I was sitting in the back between my cousin and my friend with all the windows open in the car + being in a 3rd world country + everyone driving motor bikes = smelling pretty much every smell possibly known to man! After awhile and getting HIGHLY nauseous I decided to wear a sweatshirt over my head for the rest of the trip...pretty much saved my lungs! lol!!

Ahh the beach! I am determined to own a house on it one day!!
I love you all!! Back to more photo shoots!!
I'm excited for coming home because of all the thinking, reading, and praying that I've been able to do! I'm ready to get moving on some things!!:)


Emily DeWan Photography said...

Glad you survived! Be careful down there :)
I'm sure I too wouldn't have given it a second thought to go out after dark and talk to random folks.

Kevin Keith said...

Good times! I remember the glass bottle sodas when I was in Haiti. That was an evening ritual for us white missionaries. I dont even drink soda now but something about the cold glass bottles always makes soda sound good:) The public transportation there is hilarious. We always called them tap-taps. Man, they can fit a lot of people on those things. Sounds like an awesome trip. Stay off those beaches at night! :)

Cait said...

Looks like you had too much fun at the beach! I am undecided as to what I think of it; one time I'll LOVE it and the next it's all wrong. It's obviously not the beach, but me being temperamental! I am, however, about the wedding I am shooting on the beach come May! Never done one on the beach so I am really looking forward to trying some new things.

About the Coke, I don't drink soda, but when we went to the mountains for my birthday last year there was this ice-cold, glass-bottled, peach Ne-Hi... I almost died, it was so good! Kevin's right; there's something about a glass bottle...

Thanks for sharing with us! I can't wait to see you!


Sarah Barlow said...

Thanks guys!! Yeah...thankfully I'm not around any more beaches for awhile;) hehe!

Kevin! Yeah, I TOTALLY never drink pop either...but it is quite amazing out of the glass bottles:)

Sarah Barlow said...

Cait!! Not liking the beach??? ahh!!

That wedding should be a blast!! Can't wait to see pics from it!!:)
Can't wait to see you too!

Brian said...

Great Photos! Looks sooo warm! In New England its like 30 degrees out! lol

BethLaurren said...


I'm so glad you had such an amazing trip...and I truly hope you are coming home with that pink hat in your photo :)

Cait said...

I don't not like the beach; maybe I just had a bad experience there when I was little that I blocked from my memory. I also know I haven't been to a beach in FOREVER.

I won't be able to post pictures until after I return from Chicago though, because I fly out the morning after the wedding. Ha! Should be an adventure!


Emma Jean said...

GORGEOUS beach pics, Sarah!!

Natalie Joy said...



m said...

iLOVE cabarete!!!