Friday, March 14, 2008

My secret passion....

OW OW OW!!!! ankle hurts..tonight while about to tell my little sisters a story before bed all of a sudden we started dancing! I decided to break out my old skills of Irish Dance which I took for several years when I was younger. My mom then found the old Irish music and put it on so that I could try and remember all the dances...without much success though! I probably remembered about 2 steps from 3 of the 16 dances I learned ahh!! Of course my little sisters didn't know that though!! The were dancing right along side of me just like they had taken it for years! It made me so proud! I want to get them both in Irish dance soon so that they can be awesome pros at it when they are older and they can teach me someday! lol!
Ahh...memories...and the fact that I can share them with some of my best little friends and they get the biggest joy out of it! Even though I didn't pursue the passion of dance...taking ballet when I was 4, choreographing dances with my brother when I was 8, Irish dance when I was 12, and just last night hosted a hip hop workshop with my friend...I still love it JUST as much!!
All that to say...I think I need to go ice my ankle it hasn't gotten stretched like this in over a year!! ahh!:)
I love you all!!!


Lydia said...

you are SO the stereotype irish redhead! haha

did you know i did irish dance for 8 years? :) i still remember a couple of the dances randomly. it's soooo much fun.

Anonymous said...


You crack me up!!

Emma Jean

Gloria said...

Irish Dancing?

erica said...

I totally know this awesome little irish jig thing. burning!!

Cait said...

Wow. I never would have thought that. Two of my younger sisters did Irish dance competetively for numerous years. Then we hde to move away from the only studio that was good. They still love it and want to re-enter that world one day. Thanks for sharing; hope your ankle is better!


Emma Harasick said...

My best friend Irish Dances, and she has been for about 5 years, and she's crazy good!!! Isn't it such an amazing sport? Its SOOOO much fun to watch!!