Monday, November 05, 2007

What's your end result?

My friend's and I were talking about making money today and it really got me thinking...
What is our end result/goal/focus in our job's and careers? Is it to make more money?

I was looking at my finances last night and started to think...I want to make more money...what can I do to do that? Start up new businesses, do a workshop? But I had to stop. My goal was JUST to make more money which is most certainly not my end goal!
I HEARTILY believe in using your money wisely and making it grow...but when that is my only focus and the reason why I to do that..I'm missing it completely!

When I was little I wanted to be a lawyer, graphic designer, and finally an architect solely because they made alot of money! Finally when I found one of my callings, photography, all the doors started opening up and I was doing it NOT because of the money but because I loved it and because I loved creating beautiful work and seeing people enjoy it!

This generation is SOOOO focused on making more money that we are NOT fulfilling our actual callings! I was driving down the street the other day and saw a lady sitting in her car all raggedy and looking like she hadn't slept in days and realized that she probably is not in her calling and then looked around some more and realized that probably 75% of the people I was driving past were not even in THEIR callings either! Whether they were driving a nice car or not!
They could be driving the nicest car, living in a mansion..yet still not fulfilling what they are called to because just making money is the focus!

If all we focus on is making more money we will literally NEVER be fulfilled! That's why so many people are lacking fulfillment and it's a total rat race because they think that having more things and money will bring that..yet it is never satisfying!

Think about prostitution, on second thought don't..yet they are selling their precious lives away for a couple dollars! That is what we are all trained to do. We litterly sell our lives away for 40 years to make some money so we can retire and die. What kind of life is that? Are we truly wanting to prostitute our lives just for money?

I really feel like if we find out and pursue what we are called to the doors will open for us and the money will follow! That the end result is NOT adding another dollar to the bank account but making a difference and impact in this world! That's why were here anyways right??

What is your end result in your job? If it's making should PROBABLY be rethinking your life...and career! We're not just here to survive....or even to survive well...we're here to fulfill our callings and destinies, and through that we really will change the world!:)


Cait B said...

Well, you did it again. Once again, you hit my nail right on the head. What a graet message for our generation. I know I feel called not to be ordinary... I believe that I have been called to be excellent; to be all God has for me. This post is a perfect example of that. Go has placed calls on all of our lives, but soemtimes I wonder how many people aren't intune with that. How sad that we are content being average, when God has soo much in store.

Thank you for this post; I really enjoy reading your blog because you are so forthcoming with your faith, not afriad to confront issues that arise. Thank you.


Kevin Keith said...

Amen sister! I tend to get caught up in the money issue but my true heart is to bless others. It is crazy how much money drives this world and what people will do to get it. In the end, it will be our character that will define us and not our pocketbooks. Praise God that he calls us His sons and daughters that we need not worry about money but we can focus on our calling!


p.s. I was a graphic designer and I was almost an architect (have lots of friends who are). They don't make a lot of money! Good choice on photography;)

Brett Austin said...

Great post Sarah! This is something I've thought alot about as well over the last year or so.

Money has it's place in this world... there is no denying that God uses it to accomplish His work in the world. But we walk such a fine line when it comes to how we are supposed to think about it and use it.

We all have the natural desires to be successful in life... to accomplish something that we can be proud of. Unfortunately we live in a society that is constantly telling us that we can find this success and fulfillment in money and materials.

It's a daily thing to have to remind ourselves that the success that will really matter the most... is how much love we spread around the world and how many people we can take with us to the party in heaven!

Make as much money as you can... but never let it become the desire of your heart! Easier said than done!

Jeanine said...

Thank you so much for your post Sarah. I was struggling with the decision to become a fulltime photographer as it seem not realistic at the moment. But due to your post I regained faith in it. As I know from the bottom of the heart that PHOTOGRAPHY truly is it for me and I can bless others with it. I keep faith that it will work out and the money will follow :)

Gloria said...

Your right!!
We should be fulfilling our calling..I'm a sophomore in high school and I'm trying to find what my calling is for after high school...b/c I know that I don't want to be one of those who hates there job or profession

nice blog!!!


ps- hopefully I get to see you at the Houston show on Saturday!!!

STEVE DePINO said...

Great Post Sarah! Moral of the story... if you hate your job you will never make enough money doing it. I found that out the hard way spinning my wheels in professions that didn't fit me for about 3 years after college. All because someone told me that I couldn't make any money in photography!

Amy Martin said...

Great thoughts, Sarah!

Sarah Barlow said...

Awesome guys!! I'm glad this encouraged you all!

Brett..right on! I completely agree! It is a crazy line to walk and I definitely want to make alot of money so that I can bless others...but not just to have it to have it! :)

Jeanine, OH!! That's so awesome! Yeah, pursue it!! God will open doors that you would never even expect! It's amazing how the shoe fits once you trust and put it on! :)

Gloria, you are in SUCH an excellent place! You don't have to get out of a crazy job or anything! You can start totally fresh! :) Just try new things out and seek God about what he has for also helps to ask others what giftings they see in you! They may see things that you never even thought of! :)...I'm not going to be at the Houston show unfortunately:( Hope you have fun though!! Maybe that person was making alot and wanted it all for themselves!! haha! So great that you pressed past that and did it just because you loved it! :)

Rachel said...

Thanks for the good reminder! :-)

Anonymous said...

Hi Sarah.

I'm a friend of Kristen Snyder's. I LOVE photography and think that's what God wants me to pursue. Thanks for your post, the point of my hobby is not to make money but to bless others! Hope I get to meet you some day. :)


Sarah Barlow said...

Hope to meet you someday too! I'm excited for all that God has planned for you! Pursue it and God will open the doors! :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Sarah!!
I love this post the most!!!
I wish to have a daughter someday and grow just to be like YOU!!!
I mean, sersly (;=)) are so adorable and just awesome in every way!
You should put this on the newspaper so, the young generation can read this!!!
Thank goodness we found you!


Mellimage said...

Money is necessary to survive. I hate when people judge what I earn by "it's not much". Who cares. I enjoy my job. What else do I need?
My end goal is to have fun what I do. And if I am a positive inspiration or help to some of my students (I am just a part-time photographer) I will be more than happy.

c r y s t a l said...

wonderfully said, Sarah.

Bob & Dawn Davis said...

Sarah, thanks for stopping by our blog and leaving such an incredible post. Your words always leave me with a smile on my face!

As for your post here, I totally agree. I think that if you find your true passion and pursue it will all your might the money will come. And when it does, the most important thing you can do is give back. Give, give, give and it will return tenfold.

It always seems that when we make a donation, the phone rings in our favor. There is nothing more rewarding that sharing your wealth with those who truly need your help.

I think you have such a fabulous outlook on life. I think you have the most amazing parents. You're a blessed woman, indeed blessed!!!

It was so great seeing you in NY and meeting your friends. You can always tell what kind of person someone is by the people they surround themselves with. You are first class all the way!

Hope to run into you again soon. We'd love to get together with you again!

Have a great weekend!!!

~ Dawn

Becky said...

So, so true. In high school I looked into being a neonatal nurse anesthesiologist - solely because they start at $70K! Well, and I like babies, but still. I didn't really want to be a nurse.

I think it was my pastor (I've been visiting a lot of churches) who gave a great sermon one time on our identity. He mentioned that so often, our first question when getting to know someone is "So, what do you do?" By asking this, it only reinforces that who we are is ultimately tied to our career or job. That really hit home, and I began to wonder WHY that is the first thing we ask? It's safe, that's certain. I notice people doing it more now, as well. I try not to. Instead I ask what someone's interests are, what they spend their free time doing. That usually leads to a more interesting conversation anyway. :)