Wednesday, November 14, 2007


OMG! We are just finishing up the Business Boot Camp and I feel like a new woman! :) I really have SOOO much more of a grasp on my business over all and even just working my numbers and getting my packages in order has been so refreshing! Math was always my best subject in school so to work on stuff like that has actually been fun!
This afternoon we were sharing our visions and writing down our end of life story and it's so funny cause I think Liana and were separated at birth or something...we grew up doing the EXACT same things and have almost the same end of life story! haha! So we decided that we need to marry brothers or something like that! lol!
I feel so revived and ready to go into this next year of business 100x more prepared than I've ever felt and able to get alot of things off my shoulders:) Sooo exciting!
We ended the afternoon session with wine and cheese which I've never done so that was a great new experience that I think I want to do all the time now!(don't worry mom..I had sparkling grape juice;) haha!
The picture at the top is from a little tiny photoshoot we did for a Lightroom demo...:)
I love you all!! Can't wait to get back and apply everything! YAY!!


Sara D Harper Photography said...

It's been great to have you here!!!!

STEVE DePINO said...

looks like your having fun :)

Prizma Productions said...

Good for you Sarah, wish you all the best for your new season

BethLaurren said...

I'm ready for you to come home and be with me.

So hurry.

Abby Smith said...

Yay!!! I'm SO excited for you! That's so great! I'm glad you had such an awesome opportunity! Btw, I'll be writing you soon in answer to your message you wrote to me a while back.

Liana said...

Sarah, I think I've learned 1001 things from you this week already!! We're so blessed to have you here!

Liana said...

PS... get some little Charlies!

Bob & Dawn Davis said...

Sarah, We're so happy for you that you were able to attend Liana's boot camp! She is a very inspirational speaker. Sounds like you had a GREAT time! You are so blessed to do what you love for a living. And watching your talent grow is so exciting!!!!

God bless!

~ Dawn

jamiedelaine said...

Aw, cute pictures Sarah! I would give my right arm to go to BBC with Liana. The whole world of business is something I can't get enough of. Maybe I'll make it there in the next 2 or 3 years.

Sounds like a blast.

Ginger Murray said...

I checked out the site, and it looks like you made a really good investment!

Math was your best subject?
Math was my most hated class.. maybe it was always the teachers I had?
I think that makes a huge difference.

Liana sounds like a great teacher:)