Friday, November 16, 2007

Dance Rawr Dance!!!

Last night we went to one of the coolest concerts EVER! It was called the Dance Rawr Dance Tour with Family Force 5, Jonezetta, and The Secret Handshake.
One of the reasons I really love going to concerts is you get to hear new bands that you wouldn't normally just go listen to which totally broadens you musical spectrum.... I had never even heard of The Secret Handshake but I think he is going to be one of my favorite artists now! Seriously check him out!!!

Jonezetta totally rocked things and they were alot like Switchfoot mixed with Relient K which is pretty amazing to pull off! hehe!

Family Force 5 though would definitely have to be my favorite! They were INSANE onstage and at one point even got the crowd to form a breakdance circle and had a break dancer from So You Think You Can Dance come and break things down! Amazing!! I definitely recommend seeing any of these bands if they come to your area! And check out their sites!

We didn't shoot any pictures because cameras weren't allowed so we got to fully enjoy the night instead!! :) 
I've always said that I totally want a band to come play at my wedding..LOL...and after hearing Family Force 5 I think I would TOTALLY have them come play at my wedding! What a party that would be!! Ha! :) 
Love you all!!


lexidoodleellis said...


all those bands are awesomee

they are all coming tonight

but sadly its already sold out :[

i just started listening to the secret handshake this week and i think hes incredible!

Sarah Barlow said...

Yay! I had sooo much fun Sarah! I so glad you got to be here!

Sara D Harper Photography said...

haha. that is me above.. the wrong sarah was logged into my computer! Haha!
ps. I don't think "your boyfriend" wants you to leave!