Sunday, November 11, 2007

Emmy & Alan

Ahh..I thought I was doing amazing at blogging and had posted everyday for like 6 straight days...then go on the other side of the spectrum not posting at all! oops!
I guess life can catch up sometimes! :)
Yesterday, my sister Natalie and I headed downtown for Emmy and Alan's engagement shoot! I wasn't quite sure about how the weather would turn out...but it ended up being a beautiful overcast, but always fun to shoot in, day!
Emmy and Alan are such sweet people! Yesterday was my first time meeting them and there is just such an easygoing and calm about them that you would never know that their wedding is coming up soon! I really enjoyed spending the afternoon with them and TOTALLY can't wait for their wedding and the reception which is going to be in Emmy's parents orchard! How fun is that?? They rented a tandem bike for the shoot because that is what they did on the day he proposed!! How cute is that! Here is their slideshow!!


Prizma Productions said...

Very Nice work Sarah amazing


STEVE DePINO said...

such a great job on these Sarah!!

cheryl said...

sarah, i'm emmy's roommate cheryl. i've been following your career for months and was the one who recommended you. i'm so glad i did. you did such a great job!

Sarah Renée said...

They. Are. ADORABLE.

Sarah Barlow said...

Thank you all so much! Yeah they were wonderful!! :)

Cheryl! Oh! Thank you SO much for recommending me!! :) Emmy was telling me about you! Hope to meet you at the wedding!