Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Aimee & Josh

This past weekend Natalie, Andrew and I shot Aimee and Josh's gorgeous wedding! We headed out Friday for a nice little road trip to middle Indiana and saw some sweet sites along the way! We even stopped in the middle of a corn field for a mini-shoot! haha!:)
Anyways..I met Aimee down in the Dominican Republic last time I was down there then received and email from her a couple months ago saying she was getting married!! I was super excited when she asked if I could shoot the wedding for her! Her family really welcomed us in as one of there own I felt so at home it was wonderful!
Aimee and Josh has such awesome genuine hearts! I guess they have to with the jobs that they do! They both work for the same ministry that I shoot for down in the DR, ministering to teens! It's amazing what they do!!
The reception was at a really sweet place called The Mill which is an old converted mill turned into a restaurant...which served soooo yummy Cajun food!! mmm! I love my job!! haha!
Here is the slideshow of their beautiful day!


Emily DeWan Photography said...

I love all the emotion - beautiful!
I look forward to the corn field shoot!

Chris said...

Hey Sarah Anne! Just admiring your photographs. I love your photo-journalistic style!

BethLaurren said...

I love these. The feel about them is very raw, passionate, and real.

Let's see those cornfield shots :)