Friday, November 23, 2007

Ahh the holidays!!

It's SO truly the most wonderful time of the year! Once Thanksgiving hits I always just feel so cozy and just want to cuddle up...with a book(lol!)..and enjoy the family and the season! I don't know what it is...but without fail it happens every year no matter what the past weeks and months have been this season always brings such warmth even in the bitter cold! :) I LOVE it!
We had a great low key Thanksgiving yesterday which was wonderful to just stay home and not get out of the pj's all day! So wonderful!!
Now back to work! Andrew, Natalie, and I are heading out today for a wedding tomorrow in Indiana! Should be fun!! I think I'm just going to listen to Christmas music allll the way there! I just love it so much!
Have a wonderful Black Friday you all!! I'm SOO glad I don't have time to shop today! Craziness!! :)haha!


Gloria said...

I know exactly about that coziness you talk about. I love holidays b/c its the one time of the year where the whole family gathers.

Have fun @ the wedding!!!
Take some awesome pics...

I love Christmas music!! Its just so fun & joyous!!

love & God Bless!!

J@KE said...

I haven't slept since the night before last.... I went shopping at 2am and I got home at about 3pm then I chilled at home and went to see "Enchanted" and now I'm going to bed.

BethLaurren said...

ummmmmm hello! I miss you.