Friday, November 02, 2007

Toby Mac.

I have watched Toby Mac since he was in DC Talk and since I was 2! I remember always asking my dad to bring the DC Talk music video home from church and knew most of the words! Who ever heard of children's music?? I went straight the the rock, rap, and pop! lol!
The last night of the tour I realized I hadn't watched his full show yet or gotten many pics! After my cousins show we would just head back to the bus and watch movies or bake....and let my ears rest from being right in front of screamingly loud sub woofers and speakers! lol! But the last night I had to watch the show and let me tell you!! WOW. Yep just wow! lol! Toby's show is one of the most spectacular shows I've seen! There are things going on everywhere and it's kind of like being in Time's Square! So much to watch plus incredible music! Who could beat that!
Plus at the end they all sang the ever so popular and vintage, Jesus Freak, and my cousin Becca got to play along with them which is surreal to her since she listened to that back in high school and DC Talk was the first concert she went to! How crazy is that??
Check out the slideshow!!! :)


Brienne said...

Haha! I was totally a DC Talk fanatic when I was a kid too. ;-) Love your shots from this and Barlowgirl. What ISO are you shooting at and with or without a flash?

Awesome stuff! :-)

kennykimdotcom said...

I love DC talk. They knew how to put on a show! :-)

Kimberly Jarman said...

Great job... the pictures are GREAT!!!! I LOVED DC Talk!!

Rachel said...

I attended the Barlow Girl, Toby Mac, TFK concert in Duluth. Almost everyone I know who went said it was one of the best concerts they have attended!!! :-) It was cool that Toby did “Jesus Freaks” and “In The Light” b/c I thought I'd never hear them in concert when the DC Talk split up. I saw you at the concert taking pictures. I'm so excited to find your blog. :-) Are the photos from in Duluth or from a different show?

Kevin Keith said...

DC Talk is awesome. Toby Mac puts on the best shows too. Did they do backflips off the speakers and have the earth ball in the crowd? That is great that you got to tour with them for awhile and take some aweosme photos. What an exciting life!

elyssa said...

you were 2 when dc talk was together?? boy, does that make me feel old...haha. i still have all their cd's and pictures from meeting them backstage after a first christian concert; old youth pastor knew their manager so we got the hook up! hehe...those were the days. i think audio adrenaline was their opening act.