Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Girls movie night....kinda.

I love Monday's so much! lol!! It's so great because it's our day off! I work on Saturday's shooting weddings alot of the time and since we're a pastor's family we work non-stop on Sunday's! We try to do basically nothing on Monday. Yesterday was great though, we had a girls + guy movie night! lol!! We had our friend Jake over who is just incredibly awesome because he loves chic flicks!! I bought him this movie for his birthday so he came over last night for all of us to watch! It's seriously one of my favorite movies and I highly recommend it if you can stand a 5 hour BBC English speaking mini series! It's amazing!! :) Jake you just rock!
PS. Completely off subject, but, I ran for the first time today! That might not seem like any big deal but I haven't run since October since I broke my ankle and I don't think people usually are able to run this soon but YEAH!! I'm excited to get back in shape again!! :)


Natalie Joy said...

Most amazing movie EVER!!!!!
AHH! Lets go watch it again!!!!

Samantha F. said...

WOOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOO! Go Sarah! I know you missed tearing around at top speed, so I'm very happy for you!!

BBC, eh? Methinks I must check this movie out....

J@KE said...

Nat, But this time let's not skip part two! lol. I seriously would watch it again!!! I love that movie!!!! Thanks again Sarah.

Sam, you should check it out...... Everyone should!


rowena said...

Oh I love that movie! I read the book before watching it. A little trivia, the author passed away before she finished the book so there's no real ending to the book, just assumed. Oopsie! Hope I didn't ruin the book for anyone (hehe) you prolly don't have time to read a book anyway.