Thursday, March 29, 2007

What the Duck!

My friend Dan posted this hilarious comic on his blog a little while ago from What the Duck! It's so true! I've definitely had so many people come up to me and say this exact thing! hehe!


Shyla said...

hee hee... I think its sooo funny when people say that!
Let me help you out... "Sarah darling..., YOU take really nice pictures and MY what a BIG camera your have!"

Samantha F. said...

*Hooting with laughter*

*wipes eyes* That just cracked me up, Sarah! People actually walk up to you and say that?? HA!

Abby F. said...

WOAH sarah!! didn't know ppl said stuff like that!! I think you do amazing photography not the camera LOL!!! ;)

J@KE said...

too funny! I tend to think for me it's pretty much all the camera and I just point and shoot...... Well kinda.

funny post though,


Stacy Cross said...

Don't you wish you could say something like, "No, this picture is ALL me - here, hand me YOUR crappy little camera and I'll prove it!!!" HAHA!