Thursday, March 01, 2007

Happy New month!

Well I got back from Nashville a couple days ago to a nice warm home and my family greeting me at the door. The best part was my sister Olivia running up to me, she had lotion and a washcloth in one hand and my slippers in the other. She then took me to the living room, took off my shoes and rubbed my feet!!! There is definitely nothing like home! I LOVE my family!
Every eve of a new month we have been having little parties called the "New Month Party" it' kinda like a new year's party but every month! It's so much fun! We have resolutions and everything! I think it's actually an awesome idea because rather than having new year resolution's you have little baby step resolutions and goals! It makes it alot easier and we can keep everyone accountable every month!
My goals for this next month were: Start new business, work on all my relationships especially with God, work on buying a house, and finish my taxes.
Then the question was asked what would you do in the next month if you couldn't fail???? That is one of the most powerful questions because it breaks you out of those barriers that you've set for yourself into actually dreaming and coming up with things that you really want to do! And GUESS WHAT?? You really can accomplish them if you set your mind and heart to it!
Sooooo what would you do this month if you couldn't fail??? :)
Ps. the second picture is of my cousin Becca at the studio the last day I was in Nashville:)


|| davidjay || said...

Right on!!!

J@KE said...

good word.


Emily DeWan Photography blog said...

Can I have Olivia to rub my feet too?!

I love the monthly resolutions!

becca said...

sheesz I knew there was a reason I loved ya. I have a friend who is going to need your sevices soon including my self when we both have time.haha

Shyla said...

a house?? Thats a house in California right? ;)

Sarah Barlow said...

Haha!! Emily, maybe Oli should start her own massage service!! LOL!

Becca! Just let me know when! I love you and miss you!

Shyla!! UM HECK YEAH!! Why would I consider any other place;) hehe!