Sunday, March 25, 2007

Party weekend!

This weekend has been non stop but so much fun!!
Friday night we went to my brother's end of the year basketball party, afterwards we stopped over at my cousins house, then I headed to my friend Rebecca's swing dance competition! The dance was soooooo amazing!! Rebecca has been a ballerina since she was like 3 and is now getting into a thing called West Coast Swing, and she seriously ROCKS at it!! She just started doing this a couple months ago and has been winning first place at all the different competitions! It's amazing! My friend Debbie and Sam all met up Friday night to see Rebecca win AGAIN!! :)

After watching this whole thing and a couple guys dragging us out onto the floor my friend Debbie and I decided we are now going to take up swing dancing!! YEAH! :) hehe!

Then yesterday Andrew and I got together with my old friend Rhea! We totally grew up together and then lost contact for awhile and have been able to stay in touch now over the internet!! Thank God for Facebook! She is so sweet and it's so funny to catch up with someone when you haven't seen them in forever!

Right after lunch we headed downtown for our friend Faith's birthday party. Unfortunately we were about 2 hours late because of traffic!! I hardly ever get stressed but I got the worst headache after having to drive in basically stopped traffic for 2 hours!! LOL! BUT, we had a blast hanging out down at Navy Pier and going through a super crazy maze, crazy house thing! The above picture is soooo great because I look so tall!! haha!! Afterwards we headed to the mall and I found this really hot lego dude who let me sit on his lap and everything! :) LOL!

Then today we headed out to my cousins house again for a nice relaxing afternoon!! This has been crazy but so much fun!! ....I think I need a massage!!


J@KE said...

You've always been an on the go person so you running around is not really new..... Sounds like you had fun though.

I just got back from the Toby Mac concert...... Totally rockin' show!



Samantha F. said...

Maaaaan, Sarah, you make running around sound like a viable olympic sport!! I think I'd be huddled in my closet with the light out after a weekend like yours!

Is this thing with the lego man serious? You two haven't made any plans right? O_O

Sarah Barlow said...

HAHA! yeah...VERY true Jake! :) The Toby Mac pics look great!! When are you going to come over and watch Wives and Daughters?? Can't wait!

Haha! Sam! Yeah, this should definitely be an olympic sport! LOL!
Oh, the thing with Lego Man unfortunately didn't work out as he somehow got superglued to that bench and so we weren't able to take the relationship any further:(

J@KE said...

Yeah Sarah you wouldn't want a plasticy relationship like that anyway. I mean the guy is after all a block-head..... It's better that you break off the relationship now before he falls to pieces later.... lol. :-)

Wives and Doughters tonight! it's gonna be awesome!

And thanks for the compliments on my pics. :-)

as always,


becca said...

thanks for coming out to support me I had an awsome time. please come out dancing with me again

Sarah Barlow said...

You are SO right Jake! Thanks for the encouragement! ;) hehe!

Rebecca!! I'm sooo hooked!! I'll for sure be back again:)

Daniel J. Watkins said...

You can even put a smile on the face of a lego are amazing, girl! :)

Sarah Barlow said...

Haha!!! awww! Thanks Dan!! :)

Debbie Garon said...

hahah we make dance look good sarah!! love you!!