Wednesday, March 28, 2007


I love Switchfoot!! They are seriously one of my favorite bands!! A month ago when I was in Nashville with my cousins they turned me onto their Podcast! I definitely got hooked and have been watching these things with my family now all the time now because it is just so hilarious! Check it out here!! Or you can search for it on itunes:)
They did the best music video I've ever seen a couple years it is:
Their newest CD "Oh! Gravity" is great, it took me awhile to really like it but I finally do:) Check it out!


Brett Austin said...


I'm actually going to see them tomorrow night in Ventura! I'm so excited about it!

Jeanna said...

I know what you mean, Switchfoot rocks and thier podcasts are hilarious. Very very funny guys.
My friend and I got together and made a Switchfoot fan site a while back and it has since grown to be one of the largest SF sites on the web. Wed be honored if you check it out!:

Sarah Barlow said...

Brett!! No way!! That's awesome! Switchfoot concerts are the best! Take some pics! :)

Jeanna! Very sweet site! I can see why it's so popular! Thank's for posting that!

beth said...

love your blog and website...
amazing photographs.
(and I really like Oh! Gravity too...)

Anonymous said...

willis chin is the pilot..they named legend of chin after him.. i cant find him in meant to live..guess i gotta look harder