Sunday, February 25, 2007


Well...NOW I understand why I had those first couple super relaxing days!! The past couple days have been a whirlwind and almost felt like 4 days in one! It's been crazy! Here is a little recap since the last time I posted: Photoshoot for 7 hours; run back to house and pack; go to a hotel downtown Nashville; go to a 11pm soundcheck; sleep; go to 9:30am concert; go back to hotel for breakfast; go to 2pm concert; head back home; eat; go to an incredible families house to watch two old movies; sleep for a couple hours; and go to church!!! Now we're all sitting on the couch like vegetables! It's great!! :) We did the photoshoot on Friday and it was seriously amazing! The only thing is I won't be able to show any pictures from it until they release them so I'll have to wait on that for a while but thankfully I have some pictures from the two concerts that they did!
I'm so excited to I was supposed to fly out tonight but the weather is really bad in Chicago so I get to stay an extra day!! YAY!! Here is the **slideshow**


Emily DeWan Photography blog said...

Awesome! Love the light and colors. Looks like fun!

Sarah Renée said...

That's awesome that you're here an extra day! You picked a good weather week to be around! Oh if only I didn't have midterms tomorrow...I'd have called you up to see you today!

Anonymous said...

Awesome!! I Love the pictures!
Was the photoshoot on Friday also Barlowgirl?

David Dack Maki said...

Love the images!! Great lighting!! Good timing!!

Sarah Barlow said...

Thanks everyone!! Yeah, it was REALLY great lighting to shoot in!

Sarah! I KNOW!! I'm SOOO missing that weather right now!! AND missing you! It was so great to see you! Love you!

J@KE said...

As always great pictures! I'm constantly amazed at the exposures you get. They're just AWESOME!

Keep up the good work,