Friday, February 09, 2007

Slightly depressed...

Things in life you just have to take them as they come and even if they make you pretty upset you need to make sure you keep your joy. Things today have looked pretty dim and even though when I first heard about these things I was disappointed I'm pulling through!

Here is the sad sad story:
I was in the kitchen and all of a sudden I stood next to my brother Mark. I got the sudden urge to compare heights just so that I can keep rank over him in that area. To my utter disbelief he has somehow already grown a inch taller than me! I just couldn't believe it! My 12 year old brother is already taller than me and about 5 shoe sizes bigger! I wanted another way to prove that I can still beat him up so we wrestled but alas...I was screaming bloody murder after he tackled me twice. I will make it through this but I may need to go cry for awhile.



|| davidjay || said...

I almost said "this too shall pass" but unfortunately Mark will continue to get bigger and stronger than you. :) You'll always be prettier though. Sorry Mark - but it's true.

Anonymous said...

nice huh? i first got her on her stomach and the used the half nelson. and dj, youre right i will always be stronger than her!


Sarah Barlow said...

HAHA!!! there MARK!!
Thanks for pulling me out of that depression DJ...LOL!

joy said...

Sarah, you're strength of spirit and height of sophistication make you among the most towering and brawny women I know.


Samantha F. said...

Just look at it this way, Sarah. You have another brother to add to your list of bodyguards! Your entourage is expanding!

Shorties ROCK!! ^_^

Sarah Renée said...

Hahaha...oh Sarah, you make me smile so much :) I'd say being short is a win win situation! Like Samantha said, you have yet another source of protection! Annnd, you'll never be one of those women who is afraid of marrying a man that's shorter than her! hehe!!

Sarah Barlow said...

Aww!! Joy!! Thank you! I just love your way with words!! :)

Sam!! Yeah..Mark said he wants to start assisting me now since he is taller than me but I told him once he is able to pin Andrew then he can have the job;) lol!

Sarah! hehe!! VERY! As I said years ago I just have a bigger selection of guys to choose from;) LOL! I MISS YOU!! Can't wait till next week!