Saturday, February 03, 2007

No evil.

I was just going through some of my pictures tonight and found this. Yeah. No further comment.


joy n. said...

If evil were a smell... would it be disgusting, like farts and catsup? Or would it be deceptively beautiful, like perfume (which is in fact made of mink urine)?

I hope everyone looked at the picture closely before reading the comments.

Sarah Barlow said...

Wow...Joy..I think it would probably be a little bit of both.
wow...mink urine??? I think I'll resort to rubbing catsup all over myself.

Tim Co. Photography said...

deeep thoughts from joy nudd will return after these messages lol..

I just saw ur video of the dancing and the cup game, I think i'll watch it again and again i'm sure I heard a sarah barlow laugh in there. I want that as my ringtone lol! you should totally have a ringtone lol..

come to OSP INDY!

Natalie Joy said...

HAHA! Sorry Timco! That was my laugh:)
I guess me and sarah are starting to sound more and more alike! lol I guess thats a good thing?;)

Anonymous said...

wow... i look great in those pics!
thanks for posting those sarah!

nicole green said...