Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Better than a hotel!

Last night my aunt picked me up from Belmont and we headed back to her house so I can spend a day with her! I'm so excited because whenever we hang out it's like there's no age gap it's sooo much fun!
Anyways, when I walked in the house my cousin Keeley who is so adorable showed me up to my room! How could a hotel beat this?? There was a candle and M&M's and to beat all Girl Scout thin mints!! I'm in heaven! :) Plus I woke up this morning and was shocked when I looked at the clock and it was 10am! I don't think I've ever slept in that late! LOL!
Yesterday was such a great day! I woke up pretty early and went on a walk around the campus which was so amazing because it's so gorgeous out! Afterwards, I went and talked at one of Chris's(Sarah friend) visual classes about photography! It was so much fun, this was my first time really public speaking and I had an hour to fill up which at first I was nervous about but after I got going it was like a rush!! I'm so addicted now!! LOL! Yesterday afternoon we went to an awesome art gallery and then did a hilarious little spontaneous photoshoot! Here is the **slideshow**


Sarah Renée said...

Hahaha! That slideshow made me literally laugh out loud! It's hilarious how we like to beat each other up! I'm so glad you were able to come down and hang out!! Love you, Sarah!!!

Natalie Joy said...

HAHA!! Ditto sarah!
lol I was seriously laughing really hard!
Wow! Those pics are hilarious!
Tell Keeley and Cade I say Hi and that i love them!
Ps. You better bring home some of those thin mints or else I'll have to beat you up! lol jk

David Dack Maki said...

It is great when you get the chance to talk about your craft/gift to a captive audience!! And the images on the slide show look like you are loving life as we all should be doing!!

mark said...

it's no surprise that you had zero trouble filling up a hour.
anyone who has been around you very long knows that photography is your true passion and you light up and get really excited when you talk about it.
keep having fun and taking beautiful pictures!

J@KE said...

OK so I too was laughing out loud....... I love photoshoots like that. You guys are crazy/funny and I only wish I could've been there.

I'm not suprised you talked for an hour...... LOL!!!!
No seriously you're a teacher with the eye of a pro so talking for an hour about what you love shouldn't suprise anyone. Keep loving what you do and thanks for helping me along the way...... :-)


J@KE said...
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Heart Cry... said...

Fun slideshow!!! It looks like you're having a great time. =) We miss you, but enjoy the rest of your time and shine for Jesus! =D

Jasmine said...

Have FUN Sarah...can't wait to see pictures from your photo shoot! :)

Sarah Barlow said...

Sarah...I totally loved beating you up..thankfully I didn't kill you though;) LOL!

Um...Natalie...currant status of those thin mints are unknown as I haven't seen them for the past couple hours then suddenly "mysteriously" disappeared! Sorry:) LOL!

David, that's so right on!! Thanks so much!

Thanks Mark and Jake! You guys are awesome!! And I'm so glad to have helped!!

Rebecca! I miss you guys too!!

Jasmine!! Thanks!! is such a blast!!! I sooo hope I can post some pictures from the shoot! I'm not sure how soon I
can though:(