Tuesday, February 20, 2007


Yay!! I just arrived last night here in Nashville! I'm out here for a photoshoot which should be a blast and I'll post about that in a couple days:)
Anyways, Nashville is one of my favorite places to come one because it's just so beautiful but most of all I have the most amazing friends here! I'm staying at Belmont University with my amazing beautiful friend Sarah Chellappa! I always love spending time with her because we can just talk all night long and solve the problems of the world and if we're not talking we're laughing. Sarah's friend Chris when I came down last time asked us how we even knew each other because all we do is laugh the whole time! It's amazing:) Last night we went to Cheesecake factory for dinner and it was awesome except everytime I would get excited about something I was talking about I would accidently bang my fork and it would send whipped cream all over my shirt! I did it about 3 times when I finally realized I should probably put my plate in the middle of the table! LOL! Fun times!


J@KE said...

I was wondering where you ran off to???? Now I understand. Have fun because when you get back we have lots of work to do...... I don't know why I just said that but is sounded good. lol. :-)

Anyway when you get back maybe we can watch Wives and Doughters or do something???? What do you say????

Samantha F. said...

We miss you TONS Sarah! I'm happy to hear you're having a fun time with your fellow Sarah though.


Natalie Joy said...

HEYYYY! I was wondering where MY shirt went!!!1

|| davidjay || said...

Natalie - you should have a blog.

kristen leigh photography said...

haha! that is totally something i would do!

Natalie Joy said...

lol, yeah i think so too dj!:)

Holritz Photography said...

Sarah!!! You are in my world! How long are you going to be around?

I guess I will see you next week, either way, but it would be nice to see you now too!


(I sent you an email a while back, never heard back from you? Email me!)


Sarah Barlow said...

HAHAH!!! Ok.. Mr. Jake I'll hurry back so we can get that work done. LOL! HECK YEAH for Wives and Daughters!! I've been wanting to see that for forever now!

I MISS YOU Sam!! I hope you are having fun without me! LOL!

UM..Natalie as I recall..I'm the one that bought that shirt for BOTH of us..but it somehow always ends up in your closet along with that shirt that I bought for myself;) HAHA!

AMBER!! Just sent you an email!! :)