Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Oh the weather outside is frightful...

Actually it got pretty warm yesterday with the high of 34!!! Wow!! haha!
We always take Mondays off since we never really get Saturdays or Sundays off. So yesterday we decided to go ice skating downtown!! Even though it took us about 4 hours to get out the door it turned out to be pretty fun! I didn't actually skate cause I want my ankle to heal really good before I do that but just being downtown is always so amazing! I just soak it up! Plus spending time with the family is always awesome too! Here is the **slideshow** from the day!


Anonymous said...

Sarah!! I finally posted!

What an awesome day with the fam.!

There was only one thing missing though...Chris and You on the ice in sequined unitards!! LOL!!! (Big Smile)

Natalie you are an amazing (Sarah's favorite word..smile) ice skater!!

Love you guys,and Happy Valentines Day!

Jo Ann Noble

Sarah Barlow said...

Jo Ann!!! HAHAHAHA!!! I'm still laughing from that!! Waaay to funny!! Maybe we'll start training after my ankle is back to normal! LOL! jk;)
Love you too!!

|| davidjay || said...

You girls are wonderful!

I AM the luckiest guy! Thank you for the sweet valentine! I love you all!

Natalie Joy said...

:) we ran out of time to catch a plane to Atl. to give you a hug...so an online one will have to do;)

Captivating Studios said...

Awwwww... wow, if you need a break from the cold, feel free to come visit me in nice warm sunny Florida. :-)

I hope you are having a wonderful Valentine's day! Here's to being single and fabulous!

Sarah Barlow said...

Haha!! Yeah DJ!! Glad you liked the valentine! :) We love you too!

Scarlett!! Oh!! That sound AMAZING!! :) I'll definitely have to do that sometime! Happy valentines day to you too!!

J@KE said...

I figure I should at least comment since you so kindly included me in "all the boys in the band"..... Thanks so much for that (tell the girls thank you for me). I just posted about it (since I haven't done anything else on the computer for weeks).