Sunday, April 23, 2006

True blondes....

So I just got back from an INCREDIBLE weekend in Michigan!! It was sooooo much fun!! We drove up there in the morning, shot the engagements for about 6 hours...(sorry this is not my normal package...hehe), went on the craziest plane ride ever!! We thought we were going to die....Joy's fiance is training to be a pilot so the instructor came up with us and pulled some of his tricks...something called a 0G?(aka zero gravity)!!! Joy and I were just screaming bloody murder in the back while the guys up front were laughing hysterically!! They then faked that something was wrong with the plane, turned the engines down, and did a nose dive!!! Ahh!!! It was incredible!!(now I can laugh about it...;)hehe!!
On the way home today Joy and I were just having a great time laughing, talking, and listening to music(while I was driving...her car)! I was in cruise control and all of a sudden I felt a kick...and Joy is like "Oh no!! We forgot to get gas!!!" Ahh!! I look at the gas gage and it is WAY below empty!! We just burst out laughing!...and then started praying that we would make it to a gas station!! Well we ALMOST did...about a half a mile away from one! But we just laughed the whole way! It was awesome! We both felt like such dorks but realized that we now have the funniest memory to remember this trip by!!
Ps...I'll get their slideshow up probably tomorrow!!:)


mark said...

that's awesome sarah. and all i did today was go to church. you're having way too much fun.
can't wait to see the slideshow.

Tim Co. Photography said...

Wow sounds like a fun trip, glad you got through that safe...I almost ran out of gas today too lol.

Anonymous said...

thanks so much sarah for comming out this weekend. You are a hoot to hang out with and your talent is all that and change! You are welcome to come out and stay with us anytime! Keep uo the good work


Anonymous said...

I cant wait to see the slide show!!


Anonymous said...



ahhh memories.
Love ya Sarah!


Sarah Barlow said...

Hey Pete!!! I had sooooo much fun up there with you guys!! And it was great getting to know you better before you marry my best friend!! hehe!! I approve(and not just because of the height!!)LOL!!:)
Slideshow coming right up!!

Sarah Barlow said...

Joy Joy Joy!!!
Ahh!!! That was sooooo much fun!!!
I will never think of that song the same!!! haha!!!!
Love you so much!!

Adam Nollmeyer said...

That plane ride sounds fun. My Dad has a plane, but I don't go home much to go flying. ZERO G is awesome!

Adam N.
Acme Photography, Phoenix, AZ

Anonymous said...

Question: will the slide show be on your photo site or on pictage?

Sarah Barlow said...

It will be on here...probably-hopefully tonight!!!:)

J@KE said...

So you left me hanging..... How did you end up getting gas????????

Great pics BTW and it sounds like you had WAY to much fun!!!


Sarah Barlow said...

Haha!! We walked to the gas station...:)
It was really strange though...two girls walking alongside the highway..people kept honking at us but not stopping...hehe!

luke walker said...

the images are of course amazing sarah... but this story was great too!! i love the story behind it :)

hope everything is rocking with you and that i get to see you soon.

Sarah Barlow said...

Hey Luke!!
Thanks so much!!!
Yeah this was such an amazingly crazy but awesome weekend!! haha!!
Haha!! Whenever I'm looking through OSPMC pics with my friends I'll always point to you and go "Doesn't he look like my brother???" lol:)

Becky said...

Sarah....Nice shades!