Thursday, April 06, 2006

Babies Babies everywhere!

I did a little photoshoot for Lily Simone yesterday! She is our friends little baby that I took some pictures of right after she was an earlier post:) She is already getting so big and it's just been two weeks!! She is soooo we couldn't help but get some really sweet shots of her and her mommy:) As I've said before my website in the next couple weeks is going to be updated with all new slideshows and this will be one of keep a look out!
I just got home tonight from friend Rebecca and I and a couple of her dance friends all went to see a pre-viewing of the movie "Take the Lead." It was awesome!! So good!! I'm not even a dancer and I really enjoyed it!
Well my mom just woke up with strong maybe this is it!!! ahh!!:)


OpenSourcePhoto said...

Precious! :)

J@KE said...

dang it!!!! You win again DJ!!!!!!

Whatever! Sarah these are...... (for lack of a better word) AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!


OpenSourcePhoto said...

:) Yea! I love the toes shot!