Tuesday, April 11, 2006

JuliAnna Therese Barlow

Well....my parents have come to a decision for the baby's name!!!! And I love it because I got to pick out the first name:) JuliAnna Therese! She is already getting so big and CUTE!!! Here is the slideshow ! Also...Olivia picked out a name too... Video "Schlyce Package"? I didn't really get it..but she apparentely really liked it!! LOL!!

Also here is a great e-mail my cousin Jessie sent JuliAnna:

April 11, 2006

Dear JuliAnna Therese Barlow:

As the Vice President of MNAT ("Middle Name after Teresa") club, I'd like to welcome you as our newest member. Our other fine members include:Teresa (Founder...better known as Grandma)Annie (President..."El Presidente"),Gemma (Secretary...but we prefer "Wicked Awesome Secretary")Hannah (Treasurer) "Cuz we treasure her"As Veep, it's my job to deem you fit for entry. I've seen your picture....you're gorgeous (like the rest of us!) And seeing as you're already 8 lbs, 6 oz, 20 inches, and the youngest of 7, I can tell that you're gonna kick some serious tail in this world (like the rest of us!) YOU'RE IN!!!! I now christen thee "Sargeant at Arms"Can't wait to meet you Sarge!!!

Jessica Therese Schell


Andrew Barlow said...

Uh oh!!! Who's the FL@$H now??? lol

Sarah Barlow said...

um...yeah..but you need to actually post something about my blog...so your disqualified;) hehe!! LOL

mark said...

that's so great!
JuliAnna is beautiful, and i loved all the pictures of each different family member holding her.
and that e-mail is so funny, love it!

J@KE said...

So Does that mean I'm in second or forth place??????

Of corse I love the pics and I can't wait to hold her.... I love new babies; they're such a picture of the AWESOMENESS of God. She does look like John.

"A" Only one can be the Fl@$h and since you aren't a photographer it can't be you. Sorry :-( You'll just have to stick with "the sexy club". lol.


Natalie said...

People! ya gotta give the Fl@sh a break!!! He's at WPPI. jake..i guess you can be in 2nd place:)
Niiiice pics:)

Ebert Studio said...

Congratulations on your new baby sis!!! Your images are beautiful Sarah.

Sarah Barlow said...

Aww!! Thanks you!!!
You guys are incredible!! I miss you all so much! Hope you both had an awesome time at WPPI!:)

Ebert Studio said...

Thanks chickadee! We miss your bright smile around here too.

Looks like you are keeping WAY busy. We missed David Jay - I was very, very sick and it really limited my workshop time. I did see Mike Colon speak, and he was great. The water project he and David Jay are participating in is very inspirational.

We are probably buying showit today, and hopefully will integrate it into our new website next week. We're really excited!

We are now in blogland: ebertstudio.blogspot.com

Sarah Barlow said...

Oh man, that stinks that you were
That's great that you still got to go Mike's workshop though!
Yeah the Thirst Relief project is incredible!!
Can't wait to see the new website!!!