Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Last but not least!!

The next assistant highlight is Mark Collins! When I first met Mark he had a little point and shoot that he tried to pimp out as much as possible but now he has the most killer camera bag filled with all the best gear...(he has more than!!! Oh..did I mention he is a awesome photographer too!! Mark keeps me up to date with all the things that I have to buy and the newest technology! He also has helped me a ton on my website:) Check out his >website<>blog< Well my mom is about ready to pop!! So I'll keep you all up do date on what's going on!!:)


Andrew Barlow said...

Haha Dj!!!!!! Look who got first post this time??? :)

Natalie said...

WOOHOO!!! I beat DJ and Jake!!!! Yeah!!!:)
You still have to do a photoshoot with me!!! Im your personal Assistant!!!! hehe

OpenSourcePhoto said...

Dangit....The FL@$H has failed! lol... Rock on!

Shyla said...

I love that picture of you Sarah darling! You look like a star with your entourage!

J@KE said...

I'm just sooooooo not "on the ball" these days!!!! Mark is truly a "rockstar"


mark said...

haha, me a rockstar?!
i doubt it.
sarah it's been said, but, you rock!
i can't wait to start shooting weddings with you.(and jake)

J@KE said...

What do you mean??? you are totally a rockstar!!!!