Monday, April 10, 2006

? Barlow!

Well...yet another Barlowgirl was born!! As you can see she is already singing!
After alot of waiting and praying, my mom had the baby at 1:39am this morning!! Coming in at 8lbs. 6oz and 20in. long:) She is sooooo adorable and right when she came out we were all like "she looks like John(one of my brothers..)!!" It is hysterical!!....of course a pretty version! The doctor said it was like a picture perfect birth!! Thank God!! Actually the reason it has taken me awhile to get pics up is because I was waiting on my parents until they name her...but they are still trying to figure it out:)!! lol! I decided to post a couple and then when they actually come up with a name I'll post more with a slideshow!! Any name ideas????
I like Teagan Lily, Julianna Elise or Annie(she has red curly hair)...but my dad doesn't seem to like those.... So I guess the possible name is Anna Terese!! ......Soon to be announced!!!
PS. Actually they were thinking of Sarah...cause they ran out of names so they thought just to start over...!!!;) LOL!!


OpenSourcePhoto said...

Absolutely incredible!!! WOW!!! Precious!!!

:) What name does Oli want to name her?

c r y s t a l said...

Awwww!!!! How sweet!!! Congrats to you and your family! She's beautiful!!!! Just like her big sis! :)

Can't wait to hear the name that was decided on. Have an awesome day!! :)

Miss you!!!!

mark said...

haha start back at sarah, that wouldn't be confusing.
she's beautiful
can't wait to see more pictures.

Sarah Barlow said... of what Oli want's to name the baby coming right up!:)

Aww!! Thanks Crystal! I miss you so much too!! You should totally come up sometime!

J@KE said...

Oli is just sooooooo cute!!!!!!!! I love these pictures. Can you teach me to shoot like you sometime?????


Holritz Photography said...

totally crying!!!

lots of love to you!


Sarah Barlow said...

Aww!! Amber you are the best!!!!!
I miss you so much!!

Sarah Barlow said...

Fo shua!! Jake!!! LOL!!
Ready for this weekend!!??

Shyla said...

B-E-A-UTIFUL!!!!! Congrats on bieng a big sister to the sixth degree :)