Monday, April 24, 2006

Better together!!

Here is the slideshow from the other day that I promised!
**Click Here**
These two were one of the funnest couple I've ever shot...I could do this everyday!!


Andrew Barlow said...

My little Sarah is all grown up... and becoming an Incredible...(Capital I lol) photographer!!! Great job Sarah!!! I wish I could have come along with... Well I want my engagement session to be just like that!!!

c r y s t a l said...

Those are incredible, Sarah! Way to go!!! And it sounds like a blast! From the plane ride to running out of gas! Definitely memorable!

OpenSourcePhoto said...

Sarah! Absolutely Incredible!!! Wow! Seriously awesome!

Anonymous said...

woo hoo!! those pictures are great!! I love the slide show!

Sarah Barlow said...

Thanks sooo much guys!! But really it was all Pete and Joy!! They are so incredible! And GOOD at what they do:)haha!!

Thanks so much Andrew!!...but remember..I changed your diapers(I think...?)!! LOL!!!

joy towers said...

Thought you might like to visit Pete's and my Xanga sites. (Am I allowed to say Xanga on here?)

Sarah, we are so blown away. You totally blow me away. I'm so far blown away, I'm like, in another state. (I's really cold here.)

Oh, and I don't know if it's appropriate to say so here, but one of my bridesmaids Beth and I were looking at your blog site, and she was like... David Jay? As in, David Jay David Jay?

Forget that! Sarah Barlow! As in, Sarah Barlow Sarah Barlow!

(If the celebrity within our midst is reading this...hi! I'm planning to come out and meet you while you're in town. Beth might be in the trunk.)

Andrew Barlow said...

You changed my diapers when you were 2? You couldn't even walk, barely talk, or even get down from the side of your crib!!! hehe lol

Sarah Barlow said...

Oh Joy!!!!!!
You both are so sweet!!!!!!!!
I love you guys so much!

Haha!! That's awesome about the David Jay thing!! haha!!
man...with all the people wanting to come meet him..maybe we'll have to have a meet&greet or something!!;) LOL!!

Andrew Barlow said...

I'll bring the Sharpies!!!

OpenSourcePhoto said...

She must be thinking of somebody else but I'm amped to meet all of you! The pictures were beautiful!!! Sarah is so amazing!

Becky said...

Sarah, you are something else. The pictures/slide show is utterly captivating. (Of course, having a beautiful bride-to-be helps.) Thank you so much for capturing these images for all time.

Your business has no choice but to be successful.

Love you!
Becky (Joy's mom)

Becky said...

Oh and....Yeesh! What's with all the smooching? Did you want to put some scotch tape over their lips once in a while, Sarah?

joy towers said...

No she didn't want to put scotch tape over our mouths. When we finally weren't kissing she said, " what you guys do best!!"

Plus, we hadn't seen eachother in like, a week. What else do we want to do?

Jasmine said... great is that slideshow?! And to top it off, I'm jealous of you being able to fly!! ;)

Erik said...

beautiful work, sarah :)

Sarah Barlow said...

Oh whatever DJ!! haha!! I think the BG's might even be on that list;) Can't wait!!

Thank you so much Mrs. Towers!!!! Love you so much too:)

haha!! yeah Joy!! And I LOVE the expression you guys gave me after that!! So funny!!!! LOL!!

Thank you so much Jasmine and Erik!!
Yeah flying was....amazing!! LOL!!!

Victoria Gorman said...

Hey Sarah! It's Victoria Gorman... I saw your site through Joy's xanga.... and wow your photos are incredible!!! you are absolutely amazing at this! great job, i really love the pictures. and i see your mom had another baby...congratulations to you and your family and JuliAnna is so adorable (I LOVE that name!!) Hope you guys are doing well, and hopefully we'll see ya soon! Don't know if you have xanga or myspace...but my xanga is and myspace is Once again amazing looks awesome! Talk to ya later! <3 Victoria

Anonymous said...

that is sooo good sarah!!! its soo amazzzzing, can u do like 10 more ?!? lol
so yeah...thats all i wanted to say:)

anonymous from rf who is natalie's friend and thinks your slideshow is awesome...hmm wonder who that could be:)!!!

Sarah Barlow said...

Hey Victoria!!!!!!!!!!!
Thank you so much!
Wow!! LONG time no talk!!
We should get together sometime!!:)

Um..I don't know anyone from RF!!! Thanks KT:)

victoria said...

hey sarah! yeah that would be awesome, definitely sometime over the summer we'll have to hang out. i just showed my parents some of your pictures too and they agree that you are incredible!!! talk to you soon <3

Anonymous said...

HEY!!! I jus came across this page & wanted to tell ya...your picx r awesome!!! Very Artistic & art gallery worthy! Great JOB!