Thursday, April 20, 2006

...and you thought our family was big!!

Today I am going to pick up my grandma Teresa from the airport.
She is flying in from the Dominican Republic where she's been for the past 6 months!!
She is incredible!! She is 78 and here are only some of her accomplishments:
She went to St. Mary's College to get her MRS degree...because she wanted to marry a Notre Dame man! Her and my grandpa Daniel Barlow met on a blind date. They decided that they were going to get married, before they did they both decided that they wanted to change the world!! But..they thought if just the two of them tried to do it, it would take a long time!! So they decided to have and raise 12 leaders to do it with them!! Wow!! What a vision!! They got married and had 11 kids and there was a 3 year break...they were concerned they wouldn't hit there goal so they considered adopting!!! Then they had another one..but my Grandpa goes "Well that was supposed to be 12 boys!!" so they went on to have 2 more kids for a total of 14 children! Nine boys and five girls!! My grandparents trained the kids up to be very strong leaders, they ALL graduated college, and are all making huge differences in this world!! Just from one vision! Both of my grandparents were heavily involved in the startup of a new kind of thought process called Value Engineering(finding different cheaper ways to accomplish projects) and my grandma was the first woman to be a certified Value Engineer! Together they saved the government over a billion dollars!!
My grandpa passed away about 8 years ago and my grandma now is a traveler!! She goes around the country visiting all her children and grandchildren, she also goes to the Dominican Republic 6 months out of the year to live with my aunt and do mission work!! It's awesome!!
Here's the count: 14 kids(actually 13, one passed away..), 34 grandchildren, and 5 great-grandchildren! She is one amazing woman!! I can't wait to see her!:)
PS. I can't believe I don't have a picture on my computer of her!!!! Yikes!!


Natalie said...

I love Grandma!!!
The Girl fl@sh strikes again!

Tim Co. Photography said...

Wow. I'm speechless, thats awesome!

Shyla said...

WOW!!! Girl, now we know why you are so awesome! Hooray for your grandparents...I admire people who make an effort to provide a solid foundation for their children and future generations!

J@KE said...

This post speaks volumes about who you are and what you are trying to do.

You go take over the world....... just as long as you let some of us watch how you do it!!! lol.

You totally need a picture of your Grandma. Just so the rest of us can look at it in awe.