Wednesday, April 26, 2006 before computers?? What did we do?

Our internet went down today....which was such an awesome thing!! I've realized the past couple weeks that work and play on the computer can totally take over your life!! Especially as a digital photographer...
So I decided to join a 12 step program!!
Step 1-11: Get off the computer
Step 12: Have fun and be creative in other things!! Haha!!
So today I went out shopping!!!! Woohoo! I haven't done that in a long time so it was great!! Plus having a friend with makes it all the more fun!!
So the moral of the story...too much of anything isn't good:) Get off your seat and have fun, change the world, and remember to check your e-mail!;)

Ps...I just found the picture above, I took it awhile ago(not really sure why??), it is of my "studio/business" ....this is why I shoot weddings:) haha!


Andrew Barlow said...

Haha yeah, it was actually kinda nice in a weird way when the internet was down today. Kinda forces you to do something else!
I want to join the program!!! lol
Nice deep, thought provoking post.
P.S. Maybe once a week I should "accidentally" kick us off the internet for a day! lol

Dawn Davis said...

It's amazing what you find when you're surfing the internet... DJ, now you! I love your photos. I love the Barlow girl music, it totally rocks.... I'm so pumped to have come across your blog and the Barlowgirl website. What a great find.

Oh, and the real reason why I'm posting is because I read your comment and totally connected. I spend entirely too much time on the computer, even if it is doing what I love... design!

I was just telling a friend when you get to that totally paralyzing, too much to do, time in your life, you need to stop and go shopping!!! So your post cracked me up!

Just thought I'd say hi!

Tim Co. Photography said...

hey we have the same cf card reader! :-)

J@KE said...

I totally dig where you are coming from! There is just too much fun to be had outside (even if it's just shopping) to waste your time on the computer (unless it's work you have to do)


Tim; hay me too!

OpenSourcePhoto said...

OH Sarah! I'm sorry I didn't read this until today - I would've been praying for you!

Sarah Barlow said...

OH!! Thanks DJ...
I'll be praying for you too;)

OpenSourcePhoto said...

....and you should just let Natalie read that book for herself.

Sarah Barlow said...

I know...but I think we're still trying to teach her how to read!! Hehe!!;)

OpenSourcePhoto said...

LOL! Just keep her on OSP and she'll pick it up! ....the reading part at least.