Monday, March 27, 2006

What a week!!!

Wow!! This has been an incredible and crazy week at the same time!!
We had a surprise baby shower for my mom yesterday! And she was sooo surprised she had NO idea!! It was so sweet!! I'll post pics and videos from that tomorrow:) But for tonight you all will have to settle for pictures of one of my best friends Rebecca...!!:) We did a very mini photoshoot after the shower and it was great! Rebecca is going to be doing some modeling for me in the next couple weeks so stay tuned for more pics of her!!:)


OpenSourcePhoto said...

Nice! I like the top one the best!

Sorry...I haven't written you back...I'll get on it! I have a fun new Showit show coming up in a few minutes! Yea!

J@KE said...

totally rockin'! I'm lookin' forward to shooting (anyone) her.

Sarah Barlow said...

Thanks!!! No problem!! I totally know how busy you are!!:)

Thanks Jake! Yeah, she is really fun to shoot!!

Rebecca said...

I love doing photo shoots they are my favorite kind of modeling to do.
My best friend makes me look so good! David Jay, Why do you like the
top photo the most if I may ask?