Sunday, March 19, 2006


Ok so here is the BG/RS James slideshow that I promised!!:)
When we got there all we could get were seats that were REALLY far away from the stage....then my dad saw one of his old employees who was working at the concert and he hooked us up with some front row seats!! WOW!! I remember when WE were the only fans at their concerts! And now there were like 3000 fans there!!! In just 3 years!
We had such a blast and stayed until like 1:30am hanging out looking at pictures and fan mail, eating St. Patrick's day cupcakes....(so I could be a little patriotic!), and getting some people to join OSP;) lol!!
I LOVE my family!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Kenneth said...

Wow Sarah! Amazing slide show! love it! Your shots are phenonmenal!!

J@KE said...

Gosh you're like a photo celebrity. I think working with you is gonna be...... AWESOME!!!!

Sarah Barlow said...

haha!!! And that would then make YOU a photo celebrity too!;) lol!!!