Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Barlowgirl in Sophisticates's Hairstyles!!!

I was at the store last night...and remembered that Barlowgirl was supposed to be in Sophisticate Magazine so I checked it out and sure enough!!!
Here they are!!!
I'm soooo excited for them! This is a pretty big deal and should get them some nice publicity in a whole other market!
Hopefully you can read the article...our scanner isn't working so I just took a picture of it!! haha!! If you REALLY want to read it open the picture and save it to your computer then you can read it in another program like photoshop or something:) Have an awesome day guys!!!!!!!!! ....I think I need to go get a haircut... lol!


Anonymous said...

Well gosh I get too leave a post before your sister. I'm so privileged. :-)


Anonymous said...

totally happy for your cousins.


Natalie said...

HAHA Jake!! lol
I'LL never let it happen again!!!!!!!
Yeha its preetty AWESOME!!!

Sarah Barlow said...

Jake why are you anonymous???
Do you not want people to know who you are??????? LIKE HELLO your on my blog!!!
LOL!! Thanks for coming the other night:)

sketch1379 said...

they are so awesome and i'm glad they are etting this publicity, they may be able to reach more people like this, ya never know, they hair is always so perfect, especially lauren's!